Should the scheduler be auto generating the RecurrenceId?

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    Should the scheduler be auto generating the RecurrenceId when creating a recurrence exception? When following the example in the Documentation section I am setting things up as it says and everything seems to work except the RecurrenceId. When I create a recurrence exception the RecurrenceId is always set to null.


    Here are some pictures with explanations:


    Attached File 1: This is a view of the object when I am creating the recurrence exception

    Attached File 2: This is a picture of what the scheduler looks like after the initial save. It looks fine and it looks like the recurrence exception is connected to the recurrence.

    Attached File 3: This is a picture after the refresh. You can see that now what was supposed to be the recurrence exception is being treated as not associated with the recurrence at all.



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    In general, the nature of the recurring series is treated as one appointment, rather than a collection of appointments. That being said, in the database should be saved a single record for the master appointment. The recurrence rule which describes the repetition pattern of the event should be preserved in a separate property which the Scheduler expects to receive on the client side as 'recurrenceRule'.

    The occurences of the master appointment are generated automatically on the client by the Scheduler and depend entirely on their master event. The occurences do not have their own Id set and are associated to the master event through the recurrenceId field.

    From the provided screenshot I can see that the recurrenceRule is not being set when the event is saved. Thus, when refreshing the Scheduler this leads to the observed behavior where the event is not being associated correctly.

    I would suggest referring to the following Ajax Binding Documentation for ASP.NET MVC that provides a detailed list of steps on how to set up the Scheduler. The recommended approach is to use the linked example as a starting point and then decorate it further with the desired options and functionality.

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