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  1. Michael
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    Posted 28 Jan 2015 Link to this post

    Hello There,

    I have two lists: 1) Grid  2) DropdownList.  I can add new row to the grid from the dropdownlist selection.  What I like to accomplish is to edit the dropdownlist, when the row is selected in the Grid.  I can see my selection but my code failed to update the dropdownlist.  Your help is greatly appreciated   

    Here are the codes

    onSelect : function(e) {
                    var self = this;          
                    window.console && console.log("MVN what is self here:  "+self);
                    var kendoGrid = $("#facultySupportGrid").data("kendoGrid");
                    var selectedRow =;
                    var selected = kendoGrid.dataItem(selectedRow);
                    if (selected !== null) {
                        self.set("addFacultySupportSectionVisible", true);              
                        self.set("selectedFullName", selected.facultyFullName);       
                        // Hide button when fields are expanded
                        self.set("hideAddFacultyButton", false);

    <h2>Add Faculty Information</h2>
                <label class="control-label">Name*:</label>
                <input id="newFacultyDropDown" name="newFacultyDropDown" data-role="dropdownlist"
                       data-option-label="- select faculty -"
                       data-bind="value: selectedFullName,source: fundingFacultiesList" required validatemessage="Name is required" />
                <span class="k-invalid-msg" data-for="newFacultyDropDown"></span>

  2. Michael
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    Posted 29 Jan 2015 in reply to Michael Link to this post

    Sorry I forgot to include the grid 
    <div id="facultySupportGrid" data-role="grid"
                    { 'field': 'id'},
                    {title:'Name','field': 'facultyFullName','width': '250px'},
                    {title:'Role', 'field':'facultyRole'},
                    {title:'Action', 'width': '120px', template:kendo.template($('#facultySupport-deleteLink').html() ) }
             data-bind="source: fdingParticipatingGridView,
                             dataBound: dataBoundFtySupport
  3. Alexander Valchev
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    Posted 30 Jan 2015 Link to this post

    Hi Michael,

    Your configuration looks correct. I am not sure where exactly the problem comes from.
    Could you please confirm that the value of the selectedFullName field matches one of the "key" values from fundingFacultiesList?

    Alexander Valchev
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  4. Michael
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    Apr 2014

    Posted 02 Dec 2015 in reply to Alexander Valchev Link to this post

    Hi sorry this has been resolved 


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