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    Hai. So, I have view and I loaded column chart on this view like partial view(chart diagram). And I have a little problem, I can't to send data from controller. I need to load data after sorting data. I send service id and after that, loading chart with data only for this service.
    Load main view => send data in controller with service id => in contoller do query for database => load data in partial chart view => display partial view chart data in main view

    //Partial view
    @Html.Partial("~/Views/Graphs/TableStatementsChart.cshtml", new ViewDataDictionary { { "Id", Model.servicesModel.Id } })
    public ActionResult TableStatementsChart(int Id)
                ViewBag.IdService = Id;
                return View("~/Views/Graphs/TableStatementsChart.cshtml");
            public ActionResult TableStatements_Read(int Id)
                int localId = Id;
                return Json(db.TableStatements.Select(tableStatements => new
                    fkIdServices = tableStatements.fkIdServices,
                    Month = tableStatements.Month,
                    Count = tableStatements.Count,
                    DoneCount = tableStatements.DoneCount,
                    TopicalCount = tableStatements.TopicalCount
                }).Where(x=>x.fkIdServices == Id));
    //Chart diagram
        Layout = "~/Views/Shared/_LayoutKendoUIChart.cshtml";
          .Legend(legend => legend.Position(ChartLegendPosition.Bottom))
          .Tooltip(tooltip => tooltip.Visible(true))
          .DataSource(ds => ds.Read(read => read.Action("TableStatements_Read", "TableStatementsChart")))     
          .Series(series =>
              series.Column(a => a.Count).Name("Общее").Color("red");
              series.Column(a => a.DoneCount).Name("Выполненные").Color("blue");
              series.Column(a => a.TopicalCount).Name("Актуальные").Color("green");
          .CategoryAxis(axis => axis
          .Categories(model => model.Month).Labels(labels => labels.Rotation(-90)))


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    Hi Константин,

    You can pass the ID parameter with the Chart Read method:
    .DataSource(dataSource => dataSource.Ajax()
        .Read(read => read
            .Action("Products_Read", "Home").Data("additionalData")
    // -- Removed for brevity.
        function additionalData() {
            return {
                serviceId: 42 //this could be dynamically obtained

    and then, the Read method in the controller would look something like this:
    public ActionResult Products_Read([DataSourceRequest] DataSourceRequest request, int serviceId) {...}

    You can then use the Id to obtain the correct set of data for the Chart.

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