Selects drop-down list item and sets the value and the text of the combobox

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    I have a grid and a 5 kendoComboBox combobox on a form
    When the user selects an item from the grid, I am setting the value of  kendo Combobox based on the values that were in the grid row.

    i tried

    // selects item if its text is equal to "test" using predicate function {
        return dataItem.text === "test";
    with no result
    here is my code
            var urlcountry = '@Url.Action("GetGeoGroupCountry", "GeoGroupPostalCode")';
                url: urlcountry,

                success: function (result) {

                    var countryCombo = $("#GeoGroupCountryId").data("kendoComboBox");

           (dataItem) {
                        //dataItem argument is a ComboBox data item.
                        return dataItem.Text === e.sender.dataSource._data[0].GeoGroupCountryName;
    // e.sender.dataSource._data[0].GeoGroupCountryName) is 'United States of America'

    The same no result

    //                $.each(countryCombo.dataSource._data, function (key, value) {
    //                    if (value.Text == e.sender.dataSource._data[0].GeoGroupCountryName) {
    //              ;
    //                       return;
    //                    }
    //                });

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