Selecting rows using non-editable cells

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    Kendo Team,

    Is there a way to make a row selectable, even if the user clicks on an non-editable row? From my perspective, it seems I need to utilize a click event handler on the grid and progammatically select the row. Is there an easier way?

    As a follow up to a related issue, I noticed there are some performance issues in  IE with grids having many columns, particularly when the grid's selectable property is set. Do you have any more insight about this phenomenon? How do you think manually selecting the rows via the grid's click event will affect performance IE, assuming you know the deeper cause of IE's slow response with large grids?


    Thank you..

  2. Stefan
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    Hello Jeff,

    Regarding the questions:

    1) Could you please share more details about the scenario, as when the Grid is selectable, the row will be automatically selected on click:

    Also, a row can be programmatically selected using the select method of the Grid:

    If the desired result is to only make the row visible as selected based on some conditional I can suggest applying the ''k-state-selected' class on tr element.

    2)  Internet Explorer is notoriously slow with some DOM iteration or manipulation tasks, which is what causes the observed delay. We have optimized the selection routine as much as we can, but there is a required CSS3 selector in the code that has negative impact on the selection performance, when there are a lot of DOM elements on the page (e.g. too many rows or too many columns).

    What we can suggest at this point is to consider reducing the number of rows and columns, as recommended in the documentation. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this may cause.

    Selection performance may decrease when the page size is too large, or if no paging is used, and the Grid is rendering hundreds or thousands of items. This behavior is most frequently seen in Internet Explorer. Grouping, hierarchy, and frozen columns also have a negative impact on the selection performance, because these features make the HTML output of the Grid more complex. Therefore, it is recommended to use paging and a reasonable page size.
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