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    Posted 26 Mar 2013 Link to this post

    I have a chart filled by a JSON remote data.

    Here is the result of the JSON :
    [{"Id":0,"Date":"2013-03-22 11:59:25","Value":"250"},{"Id":1,"Date":"2013-03-22 11:59:27","Value":"250"},{"Id":2,"Date":"2013-03-22 11:59:29","Value":"250"},{"Id":3,"Date":"2013-03-22 11:59:31","Value":"250"},{"Id":4,"Date":"2013-03-22 11:59:33","Value":"250"},{"Id":5,"Date":"2013-03-22 11:59:35","Value":"250"},{"Id":6,"Date":"2013-03-22 11:59:37","Value":"260"},{"Id":7,"Date":"2013-03-22 11:59:39","Value":"250"},{"Id":8,"Date":"2013-03-22 11:59:41","Value":"250"},{"Id":9,"Date":"2013-03-22 11:59:43","Value":"250"}]

    The problem is that I only have 1 value appearing on the graph with the time to 11:59:00
    I guess it's because seconds are not taken  into account, so all values are "viewed" at the same time so it's only 1 point.

    Below my code for the chart :
                theme: "default",
                dataSource: {
                    transport: {
                        read: {
                            url: '@Url.Action("GetHydrogen", new { Area = "Plugins", Controller = "Temperature" })
                            contentType: "application/json",
                            dataType: "json"
                    sort: {
                        field: "Date",
                title: {
                    text: "Hydrogen"
                seriesDefaults: {
                    type: "line",
                    missingValues: "gap"
                    [{ field: "Value", name: "Value" }],
                categoryAxis: {
                    field: "Date",
                    type: "date",
                    labels : { step: 5, font: "8px Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif", template: "#=kendo.toString(new Date(value), 'dd/MM HH:mm:ss')#"},
                    maxDateGroups: 100,
                    baseUnit: "fit",
                    baseUnitStep: "auto",
                    majorGridLines: "none",
                    crosshair: {
                        visible: true,
                        tooltip: {
                            visible: true,
                            template: "|#= value #|"
                valueAxis: {
                    labels: {
                        format: "{0}"
                tooltip: {
                    visible: true,
                    template: "${category} - ${value}"

    Thanks for your help
  2. Hristo Germanov
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    Posted 28 Mar 2013 Link to this post

    Hello Sylvain,

    The chart doesn't support base unit seconds. We will definitely consider to add this i our future releases so stay tuned.

    Hristo Germanov
    the Telerik team
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