Scheduler : No Data transferred when Update

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    I've create a task sheduler. Read and create are working fine ( data are created in database with a generated Guid: oid) but when I try to update my task I've got an Internal error 500 visible on my Chrome developper console. In effect No data are sent !

    Did I forgot something?

    Please see my code:

    .StartTime(new DateTime(DateTime.Now.Year, DateTime.Now.Month, DateTime.Now.Day, 6, 0, 0))
    .DateHeaderTemplate("<span class='k-link k-nav-day'>#=kendo.toString(date, 'ddd dd/M')#</span>")
    .Views(views =>
        views.WorkWeekView(workWeekView => workWeekView.Selected(true));
            .Resources(resource =>
                resource.Add(m => m.CoursID)
                    .DataSource(d => d
                        .Model(m => {
                            m.Id(f => f.oid);
                            m.Field(f => f.oid).DefaultValue(new Guid());
                            m.Field(f => f.Title);
                            m.Field(f => f.Start);
                            m.Field(f => f.End);
                            m.Field(f => f.StartTimezone);
                            m.Field(f => f.EndTimezone);
                            m.Field(f => f.IsAllDay);
                            m.Field(f => f.Description);
                            m.Field(f => f.RecurrenceRule);
                            m.Field(f => f.RecurrenceException);
                            m.Field(f => f.RecurrenceID);
                            m.Field(f => f.UtilisateurID).DefaultValue(UserContext.CurrentUser.oid);
                            m.Field(f => f.CoursID);
                      .Read("Read", "Tasks")
                      .Create("Create", "Tasks")
                      .Update("Update", "Tasks")
                      .Destroy("Destroy", "Tasks")
  2. Plamen
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    Posted 14 Jun 2017 Link to this post


    From the provided code it is not clear what may be breaking the functionality at your side. You can check for several working examples at our local demos or at our ui-for-aspnet-mvc-examples repository and check what is different in your case.

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