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    I'm trying to extend TimelineView so that some events overlap and others are bumped to the next line depending on their status. I can overwrite the _arrangeRows method but can't get the collidingEvents to overwrite. How do I overwrite collidingEvents from the TimelineView?

    <script type="text/javascript">

        var customTimelineView = kendo.ui.TimelineView.extend({
            options: {
                name: "customTimelineView",
                title: "Custom Time Line",
                columnWidth: 30,
            name: "customTimelineView",

            _arrangeRows: function (eventObject, slotRange, eventGroup) {
                var test = "test";
                var startIndex = slotRange.start.index;
                var endIndex = slotRange.end.index;
                var rect = eventObject.slotRange.innerRect(eventObject.start, eventObject.end, false);
                var rectRight = rect.right + this.options.eventMinWidth;
                //var events = kendo.ui.SchedulerView.collidingEvents(, rect.left, rectRight);
                var events = collidingEvents(, rect.left, rectRight);
                    slotIndex: startIndex,
                    start: startIndex,
                    end: endIndex,
                    rectLeft: rect.left,
                    rectRight: rectRight,
                    element: eventObject.element,
                    uid: eventObject.uid
                    start: startIndex,
                    end: endIndex,
                    uid: eventObject.uid
                var rows = kendo.ui.SchedulerView.createRows(events);
                if (eventGroup.maxRowCount < rows.length) {
                    eventGroup.maxRowCount = rows.length;
                for (var idx = 0, length = rows.length; idx < length; idx++) {
                    var rowEvents = rows[idx].events;
                    for (var j = 0, eventLength = rowEvents.length; j < eventLength; j++) {
              [rowEvents[j].uid].rowIndex = idx;


        function collidingEvents(elements, left, right) {
            var idx, startPosition, overlaps, endPosition;
            for (idx = elements.length - 1; idx >= 0; idx--) {
                startPosition = elements[idx].rectLeft;
                endPosition = elements[idx].rectRight;
                overlaps = startPosition <= left && endPosition >= left;
                if (overlaps || startPosition >= left && endPosition <= right || left <= startPosition && right >= startPosition) {
                    if (startPosition < left) {
                        left = startPosition;
                    if (endPosition > right) {
                        right = endPosition;
            return kendo.ui.SchedulerView.eventsForSlot(elements, left, right);



    Also, why are some of the functions prefixed with "_"? ie What is difference between "render()" and "_render()"?


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    Posted 29 Mar 2017 Link to this post


    I am afraid assistance on extending widgets and guidance on modifying source code falls outside the scope of the Support Service. Our Professional Services team specializes in customizations not achievable through widget configuration or using the exposed API methods, according to specific client requirements. The Support Service provides guidance and explanation for built-in features of the products. Feel free to ask if you have questions on a specific built-in feature or behavior.  

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