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    I have just downloaded your new release and was happy to discover that RTL support for the ribbon is much better! :-)

    Now for a few issues I have found:
    1. Contextual Tabs: When having contextual tabs with quick access buttons, if the button have text (which makes them large) they appear over the contextual tabs and hide them. This happens in both modes: RTL and non-RTL though in RTL mode it is much worse.

    2. Minimizing the Ribbon: The behavior of this feature is not compatible with Office2007 behavior. In the Rad ribbon, after minimizing the ribbon, if one of the tabs is pressed the minimization is canceled while in Office it only shows the specific tab, letting the user click something and then the ribbon disappears again. Please note that when minimizing it and clicking a tab, the ribbon only "hovers" (i.e. it is not being maximized and then minimized again). In addition, I think that when it is minimized there is still a visible part.

    3. Small Images: I added a button to the ribbon, tried to set the SmallImage property, but nothing happened. Moreover, I have a little suggestion. I think it will be better to have two modes: 'Large Image mode' and 'Small Image mode' such that no matter what is the size of the image you set - it should be scaled according to the mode you're in. Meaning, if I set an image for the button, and the image is 64x64, large image mode will scale it to 32x32, while small image mode will scale it to 16x16 (after selecting this image as SmallImage of course).

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    Hello Roy,

    Thanks for contacting us and for the valuable feedback provided.

    1. The positioning of the Contextual Tab Groups below the Quick Access Toolbar is known issue and we have not addressed it deliberately. In fact, as you may have noticed, the max-count of the Contextual Tab Groups in the Microsoft RibbonBar is adjusted in a way that they have enough space to appear correctly. Since we decided that we should give the opportunity to our customer to add as many Contextual Groups as they wish, the positioning of the groups may become hard to be properly adjusted. However, we are still working on the RadRibbonBar layouts and we can assure you that we are going to provide proper solutions for the described cases. The specific case that you mentioned is also in our TODO list with the highest priority.

    2. We are aware of this issue and I can assure you that we are working on it. Since the improvements in the new version of the RadRibbonBar are mostly related to the integration of our new layout system, this task has been delayed for future releases.

    3. Currently, the RadRibbonBar uses its small images when there is not enough space for the chunks to be shown in their initial size. The RadRibbonBar does not scale images internally because this is a time consuming operation. That is why the user is allowed to explicitly set small and large images in the Ribbon so that no scaling is performed. Moreover, this behavior is specified in the Microsoft Office UI Guidelines for the RibbonBar.

    I hope this will make the issues clearer. As I already said, we are constantly working on RadRibbonBar layout and behavior and you can always get back to us if you have any suggestions or ideas that may improve the user experience when working with this control.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team

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