Restore selected tab in hierarchy child page view after data refresh

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    Posted 22 Jan 2019 Link to this post


    I have 3 hierarchical levels in my grid. Here is the structure:

    Master template

    |___tab1: Details (html view)

    |___tab2: Orders (standard grid)

           |___tab2-1: Clients (standard grid)

    |___tab3: Networks (standard grid)


    I'am inspired by some posts in the forum to save and restore the expanded rows and selected rows. It works great.

    I save the grid state before data refresh, and reset after data refresh. Here is the code.

    Dim scrollpos As Integer = -1
    Dim CurrentRow As Integer = -1
    Dim expandedRows As New List(Of Boolean)()
    Dim selectedRows As New List(Of Boolean)()
        Private Sub SaveSeletectedAndExpanded()
            scrollpos = myGridView.TableElement.VScrollBar.Value
            If myGridView.CurrentRow IsNot Nothing Then
                CurrentRow = myGridView.CurrentRow.Index
            End If
            If myGridView.Rows Is Nothing Then
                Exit Sub
            End If
            For i = 0 To myGridView.Rows.Count - 1
                ' How can I remember which page tab is displayed currently?
        End Sub
        Private Sub RestoreSeletectedAndExpanded()
            If scrollpos <> -1 Then
                myGridView.TableElement.VScrollBar.Value = scrollpos
            End If
            If CurrentRow <> -1 Then
                myGridView.CurrentRow = myGridView.Rows(CurrentRow)
            End If
            If expandedRows IsNot Nothing Then
                For i = 0 To expandedRows.Count - 1
                    myGridView.Rows(i).IsExpanded = expandedRows(i)               
            End If
            If selectedRows IsNot Nothing Then
                For i = 0 To selectedRows.Count - 1
                    myGridView.Rows(i).IsSelected = selectedRows(i)
            End If
        End Sub


    But I've found that the current selected tabbed view in the expanded row is reset to default after refresh.

    How can I save the current selected tabbled view index for the expanded rows ?


    Thank you by advanced.

  2. Hristo
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    Posted 23 Jan 2019 Link to this post

    Hello Kung,

    The GridViewHierarchyRowInfo has an ActiveView property and you can store its index within the Views collection. I am attaching my test project demonstrating a possible approach.

    Let me know if you need further assistance.

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