RemoveAt() the Items on the Chatlist

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Vuyiswa asked on 03 Aug 2021, 09:04 PM

Good Day 

 i use ControlTemplate to customize the chat UI the way i want it and all is working well. im now creating the ability to delete chat messages and that works fine but the problem i have to reload the list of chat which is not good. i want to only delete a chat item 


This is how i load my chat , when the chat window is opened

                            Author senderitem = new Author();
                            senderitem.Name = m.AUTHOR;
                            TextMessage textMessage = new TextMessage();
                            textMessage.Data = m;
                            textMessage.Author = senderitem;
                            textMessage.Text = Functions.DecodeString(m.CHAT_MESSAGE);

                            Device.BeginInvokeOnMainThread(() =>
                                 chat.AutoScrollMode = AutoScrollMode.Always;

              This works well . now i use a Swipe View to get Delete which carries the Message_ID , and i just go delete the record in the database  and that works well. My issue is that after deleting i dont want to reload the loadchat list again , i want to remove only the one that was deleted 


How do i use Removeat(), if i am using a Template , how do i get an index of this chat item , because the Message_ID is just a model field 

i have tried this but it does not 


which will obviously fail if the index is not correct. 




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Chat (Conversational UI)
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