Redirect to Controller from Grid Command with row ID

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    I have looked through the forum a few times and not found something quite like what I am looking for.

    I am using Kendo UI Complete with Razor syntax, but I am using VB,net

    I have commands setup, and I want to redirect the user onclick to the same controller, but to its... say delete command, but I need to pass along the ID.

    I get the circular reference issue when I use the DataSource field. Is there a way just to pass the ID (which I have hidden) along to the JS command to redirect the user?

    Here is my view:

    @ModelType IEnumerable(Of Core.Domain.MaintenanceTicket)
        ViewData("Title") = "Index"
        Layout = "~/Views/Shared/_Layout.vbhtml"
    End Code
    @section breadcrumb
    Home > Maintenance Queue
    End Section
    <script type="text/javascript">
        $(document).ready(function () {
            $('li.q a').addClass("on");
    <h1>Maintenance Queue</h1>
    <div class="row">
        <div class="box round twlevecol" style="font-size:12px;">
            @(Html.Kendo().Grid(Model) _
                .Name("MaintenanceTickets") _
                    .Columns(Function(modelItem) modelItem.Bound(Function(p) p.Id).Hidden) _
                    .Columns(Function(modelItem) modelItem.Bound(Function(p) p.CreateDate)) _
                    .Columns(Function(modelItem) modelItem.Bound(Function(p) p.Originator)) _
                    .Columns(Function(modelItem) modelItem.Bound(Function(p) p.CustomerName)) _
                    .Columns(Function(modelItem) modelItem.Bound(Function(p) p.Description)) _
                    .Columns(Function(modelItem) modelItem.Bound(Function(p) p.OntimeAssignedTo)) _
                    .Columns(Function(modelItem) modelItem.Bound(Function(p) p.Description)) _
                    .Columns(Function(modelItem) modelItem.Bound(Function(p) p.Priority.Name)) _
                    .Columns(Function(modelItem) modelItem.Bound(Function(p) p.Status.Name)) _
                    .Columns(Function(modelitem) modelitem.Command(Sub(p)
                                                                           p.Custom("Details").Click("showDetails").HtmlAttributes(New With {.class = "k-grid-btn"})
                                                                           p.Custom("Edit").Click("showEdit").HtmlAttributes(New With {.class = "k-grid-btn"})
                                                                           p.Custom("Delete").Click("showDelete").HtmlAttributes(New With {.class = "k-grid-btn"})
                                                                   End Sub)) _
                .Pageable() _
                .DataSource(Function(dataSource) dataSource.Ajax().Read(Function(r) r.Action("CustomCommand_Read", "Ticket"))) _
                .Sortable() _
                .Filterable() _
                .Resizable(Function(resize) resize.Columns(True))
    <script type="text/javascript">
        function showDetails(e) {
            var currentDataItem = $("#MaintenanceTickets").data("kendoGrid").dataItem($(e.currentTarget).closest("tr"));
        function showEdit(e) { alert('Showing Edit Screen...'); }
        function showDelete(e) { alert('Showing Delete Screen...'); }
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