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  1. Bryan Brannon
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    Aug 2012

    Posted 29 Nov 2006 Link to this post

    Do you have a toolbox item for any of the ScrollViewer or ScrollPanel.  The only scroll controls are the V and H scrollbars.
  2. Chris
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    Posted 29 Nov 2006 Link to this post

    Hi Bryan,
    We haven't exposed the ScrollView control as a public control (visible VS toolbox) as primarily we intended to use it only internally in our controls (combobox, listbox, gallery, etc.). Nevertheless you can use the RadTestScollView control until we officially make the ScrollView control public in Q4. RadTestScrollView control is marked as toolbox not visible and that's why you don't see it in your VS toolbox. We've used this control to demonstrate the scroll panel functionality in our Quick Start Framework examples.
    I hope this information helps.

    the telerik team
  3. Marek
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    Posted 17 May 2007 Link to this post

    Is there any update on this?  I notice that there is no scroll view control available in the 2007 release.  Is there going to be a scroll view control?  If so, will it be able to support child controls?  Or was this kind of functionality intended for the scroll panel?


  4. Angel
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    Posted 17 May 2007 Link to this post

    Hi Marek,

    There are 2 possible cases to have scrolling view: for controls and for elements (in one RadControl).

    1. If you need the first case (controls) you can use the RadPanel (which is in the VS toolbox). This control is like a panel but with border and fill gradients like in other Telerik controls.
      RadPanel is still under development - you can see that the scroll bars are the ordinary Microsoft ones. They will be changed to our scroll bars for the next release (Q2), or if possible, in one of the upcoming service packs.
    2. If you need to scroll elements inside other elements then you can see our ScrollViewer example (QSF --> UI Elements --> Scrolling --> ScrollViewer). To inspect the element hierarchy you can click the button "ControlSpy" and drag the tool to the scroll area of the example.
      There are 2 elements that we want to scroll - triangle and rectangle. They are children of RadScrollViewer's Viewport. The RadScrollViewer itself is in the hierarchy where the triangle and rectangle should stay if we didn't want to scroll them. Our scrolling controls like RadListBox and RadComboBox are using RadScrollViewer to scroll their child elements.

    Hope this was helpful.

    All the best,


    the Telerik team

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