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    A little bit of RadMenu feedback for you....

    1)  I know you said don't comment about the documentation but... Is RadMenu in the Toolbar the same thing that is RadMenuStrip in the documentation!  Just want to make sure I'm testing the right thing.  :)

    2)  Designing the Menu seems counterintuitive.  I couldn't figure out an easy way in the form view to manipulate the entries that were created.  Whether I was creating a top level menu or a sub level menu item was unclear.  I created a brand new project, dragged the menu control on and typed &File in the space.  Next I typed E&xit in the space that appeared below File.  It appeared to the right of File.  I typed &Help in the space (still below File) and it appeared below File.

    3)  Dragging the RadMenu on the form does not add all the references that you need to use the control.  I had to add the reference to Telerik.WinControls from the examples folder.  Should there not be a common bin folder?

    4)  It seems that clicking on one of the menu items and pressing direction arrow keys and then changing the focus causes Visual Studio to crash.

  2. Chris
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    Posted 02 Oct 2006 Link to this post

    Hello Michael,
    1) Yes, it's the same. RadMenuStrip should be changed in the documentation to RadMenu. Thanks for pointing this out.

    2) We've done a lot to improve the design-time experience during the last two weeks and I hope you'll be satisfied with the results. We're going to release an official build this week on Thursday.

    3) The installation is also changed and the assemblies will be added to the GAC on install. This way you won't need to add any assemblies to your project after you drag some r.a.d.control to your form.

    4) This was also fixed.

    Thanks a lot for you feedback. I hope you'll like the final build and the changes we've made.

    the telerik team
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