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  1. Paras
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    Posted 31 Jul 2013 Link to this post

    I have a RadJumpList control on my page in a WP7.x application. The ItemTemplate for this control is set to a complex structure like below:

       <Image Name="img1" />
       <TextBlock Name="tbVal1" />
       <TextBlock Name="tbVal2" />
       <TextBlock Name="tbVal3" />

    From what I can tell the RadJumpList.ItemsSource property can only be set to a List<string>. How do I accomplish the task of assigning a value for all the controls in the ItemTemplate while limited to List<string> only? I was hoping to assign a List<MyClass> to the ItemsSource property where 'MyClass' contains elements/properties for all the controls in the ItemTemplate.


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  2. Kiril Stanoev
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    Posted 31 Jul 2013 Link to this post

    Hi Paras,

    The ItemsSource property of the RadJumpList can be set to a collection of any type of object. Please refer to the attached project and let me know if it helps. I'd be glad to assist you further. 

    Kiril Stanoev
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  3. Paras
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    Posted 03 Aug 2013 Link to this post

    Hi Kiril,

    While your sample solution works, my project still throws an error like:

    System.InvalidCastException was unhandled by user code
      Message=Unable to cast object of type 'Namespace.Class' to type 'System.String'.
           at System.Linq.Enumerable.<CastIterator>d__b1`1.MoveNext()
           at System.Linq.Lookup`2.Create[TSource](IEnumerable`1 source, Func`2 keySelector, Func`2 elementSelector, IEqualityComparer`1 comparer)
           at System.Linq.GroupedEnumerable`4.GetEnumerator()
           at System.Linq.Buffer`1..ctor(IEnumerable`1 source)
           at System.Linq.OrderedEnumerable`1.<GetEnumerator>d__0.MoveNext()
           at Telerik.Windows.Data.GroupProcessor.ProcessCore(IEnumerable data)
           at Telerik.Windows.Data.DescriptorProcessor.Process(IEnumerable data)
           at Telerik.Windows.Data.RadCollectionView.CreateView()
           at Telerik.Windows.Data.RadCollectionView.RefreshOverride()
           at Telerik.Windows.Data.RadCollectionView.Refresh()
           at Telerik.Windows.Data.RadCollectionView.OnResumed(Boolean update)
           at Telerik.Windows.Controls.SuspendableObject.Resume(Boolean update)
           at Telerik.Windows.Data.RadCollectionViewSource.RefreshOverride()
           at Telerik.Windows.Data.RadListSource.Refresh()
           at Telerik.Windows.Data.RadListSource.AttachData(IEnumerable data)
           at Telerik.Windows.Data.RadListSource.SetSource(IEnumerable value)
           at Telerik.Windows.Data.RadListSource.set_SourceCollection(IEnumerable value)
           at Telerik.Windows.Controls.RadDataBoundListBox.OnItemsSourceChanged(IEnumerable oldSource)
           at Telerik.Windows.Controls.Primitives.DataControlBase.OnItemsSourceChanged(DependencyObject sender, DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs e)
           at System.Windows.DependencyObject.RaisePropertyChangeNotifications(DependencyProperty dp, Object oldValue, Object newValue)
           at System.Windows.DependencyObject.UpdateEffectiveValue(DependencyProperty property, EffectiveValueEntry oldEntry, EffectiveValueEntry& newEntry, ValueOperation operation)
           at System.Windows.DependencyObject.SetValueInternal(DependencyProperty dp, Object value, Boolean allowReadOnlySet)
           at System.Windows.DependencyObject.SetValue(DependencyProperty dp, Object value)
           at Telerik.Windows.Controls.Primitives.DataControlBase.set_ItemsSource(IEnumerable value)
           at System.Net.WebClient.OnOpenReadCompleted(OpenReadCompletedEventArgs e)
           at System.Net.WebClient.OpenReadOperationCompleted(Object arg)

    Any ideas?
  4. Paras
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    Posted 03 Aug 2013 Link to this post

    Lance McCarthy helped me with this issue offline. A big thanks to him!
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