RadGridView column with multiple data types - dropdown issue and datepicker issue

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    I have a column with multiple data types. I'm using the EditorRequired event to set the editor as a RadDateTimeEditor or RadDropDownListEditor using the code below. This mostly works but I have two problems. 

    1. With the country dropdown, I set dropDownStyle to DropDown. The editor allows me to type in any value but if the value is not one of the items in the list, as soon as I exit the cell the value disappears.

    2. With the RadDateTimeEditor, I set the customFormat to "d" but when I select a value and exit the cell, it's showing the time as well as the date. How do I get it to show date only?


    Private maritalStatuses() As String = {"Married", "In a De Facto Relationship", "Interdependent Relationship", "Engaged", "Separated", "Divorced", "Widowed", "Never Married"}

    Private Countries() as String = {"", "Afghanistan", "Albania", "Algeria", "American Samoa", "Andorra", "Angola"}


    Private Sub dgv_EditorRequired(sender As Object, e As EditorRequiredEventArgs) Handles dgv.EditorRequired
            If dgv.CurrentColumn.Name = "ImportValue" Then
                Select Case dgv.CurrentRow.Cells("EditorType").Value
                    Case radEditorType.DatePicker
                        Dim editor As RadDateTimeEditor = New RadDateTimeEditor
                        editor.CustomFormat = "d"
                        e.Editor = editor
                    Case radEditorType.CountryDropDown
                        Dim editor As New RadDropDownListEditor
                        editor.DropDownStyle = RadDropDownStyle.DropDown
                        DirectCast(editor.EditorElement, RadDropDownListEditorElement).DataSource = Countries
                        DirectCast(editor.EditorElement, RadDropDownListEditorElement).AutoCompleteMode = AutoCompleteMode.SuggestAppend
                        e.Editor = editor
                    Case radEditorType.MaritalStatusDropDown
                        Dim editor As New RadDropDownListEditor
                        DirectCast(editor.EditorElement, RadDropDownListEditorElement).DataSource = maritalStatuses
                        editor.DropDownStyle = RadDropDownStyle.DropDownList
                        e.Editor = editor
                End Select
            End If
        End Sub

  2. Dimitar
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    Posted 02 Nov 2016 Link to this post

    Hello Simon,

    1. This is the default behavior, you can override it by creating a custom editor and return the text:
    Friend Class MyRadDropDownListEditor
        Inherits RadDropDownListEditor
        Public Overrides Property Value() As Object
                Dim editor As RadDropDownListElement = TryCast(Me.EditorElement, RadDropDownListElement)
                If editor.SelectedItem IsNot Nothing Then
                    Return MyBase.Value
                End If
                Return editor.Text
            End Get
            Set(ByVal value As Object)
                MyBase.Value = value
            End Set
        End Property
    End Class

    2. You can use the CellFormatting event to change the cell text:
    Private Sub RadGridView1_CellFormatting(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As CellFormattingEventArgs)
        If e.Column.Name = "ImportValue" AndAlso e.Row.Cells("EditorType").Value IsNot Nothing Then
            Dim editorType = CType(e.Row.Cells("EditorType").Value, RadEditorType)
            If editorType Is RadEditorType.DatePicker Then
                e.CellElement.Text = Convert.ToDateTime(e.CellElement.Value).ToShortDateString()
            End If
        End If
    End Sub

    I hope this will be useful. Let me know if you have additional questions.

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