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    My company has just purchased the Dev q2 2013 version after the trail.

    In our project I configured a Excel 2010 Ribbon addin button to create/launch a Radform. The Radform contains a gridview which is configured at design time. The gridview has a datasource pointing to DB table containing about 3k rows (6 database columns + 1 checkbox columns). When the ribbon button is clicked the Radform will not appear for about 3-5secs. I am seeking advices on how can I speed it up. i have read the previous post on how to improve Radform performance but it doesnt seem to apply to my situation

    1. is the delay caused by the theme (i used the metro theme) or loading the 3k records? (The 6 database columns each has cell value no more than 20 characters)?

    2. is it recommended to assign the data source and initialize the grid  during the form_load rather than Radform initialization? (will it give me a chance to show a loading animation?)

    3. what options are available to show a small loading frame while the Radform with gridview is being initialized? i know i can add a background work to a winform to do work asynchronously. But at my case, i need a loading animation appear while the Radform is being initialized yet.

    Any suggestion is appreciated.
  2. Ivan Petrov
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    Hi Zyw,

    Thank you for writing.

    The time you have quoted is more than it takes to initialize a form and populate a grid with 3k records. I presume that when you press the button the Windows Just-in-time assembly loading mechanism kicks in and starts to load all the assemblies needed by our controls. You can try and create your form and initialize the grid when your button is added to the Office Ribbon or when it is instantiated. This will load the assemblies earlier and when you press the button the form should show up faster.

    Another possible cause for a slow down is your network connection and the fetching of the data. I guess you are using a local server for your development so this should not be causing any slow downs right now. 

    I hope this will be useful. Should you have further questions, I would be glad to help.

    Ivan Petrov
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