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  1. Ollie
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    Posted 20 May 2013 Link to this post

    Can anyone explain why the ViewBox is not rendering when this RadDropDownButton is rendered on the screen?

    <telerik:RadDropDownButton Grid.Column="4"
                <Path Stretch="Uniform"
                      Fill="{StaticResource GFM.PrimaryAccentBrush}"
                      Data="F1 M 37.6289,-0.000976563L 49.6289,-0.000976563L 52.8506,10.8311C 55.3838,11.5439 57.7979,12.542 60.0557,13.79L 70.0654,8.37012L 78.5518,16.8545L 73.1934,26.749C 74.4844,29.0117 75.5234,31.4365 76.2725,33.9863L 87.251,37.252L 87.251,49.252L 76.4746,52.457C 75.7588,55.1113 74.7295,57.6377 73.4297,59.9932L 78.8838,70.0645L 70.3994,78.5518L 60.4404,73.1582C 58.0811,74.5029 55.5439,75.5732 52.875,76.3252L 49.624,87.2549L 37.624,87.2549L 34.373,76.3232C 31.7061,75.5713 29.1729,74.501 26.8145,73.1572L 16.8574,78.5488L 8.37207,70.0635L 13.8262,59.9912C 12.5264,57.6357 11.498,55.1113 10.7822,52.458L 0,49.251L 0,37.251L 10.9854,33.9834C 11.7334,31.4365 12.7715,29.0137 14.0615,26.7529L 8.70313,16.8564L 17.1885,8.37012L 27.1982,13.791C 29.4561,12.542 31.8721,11.543 34.4072,10.8311L 37.6289,-0.000976563 Z M 43.9824,59.5264C 52.9834,59.5264 60.2803,52.2275 60.2803,43.2275C 60.2803,34.2266 52.9834,26.9277 43.9824,26.9277C 34.9824,26.9277 27.6826,34.2266 27.6826,43.2275C 27.6826,52.2275 34.9824,59.5264 43.9824,59.5264 Z " />
  2. Tina Stancheva
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    Posted 21 May 2013 Link to this post

    Hi Ollie,

    The issue is caused by the small Width and Height settings you've applied on the RadDropDownButton -  in this size the Content part of the button cannot be fully displayed and your ViewBox isn't visible. Please change the RadDropDownButton Width at least with 10px to make it 30. Then you'll see your content properly.

    However you may need to increase the Width/Height properties of the button even more to achieve the layout you need:
    <telerik:RadDropDownButton x:Name="settingsButton"

    Tina Stancheva
    the Telerik team

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  3. Ollie
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    Posted 21 May 2013 Link to this post

    thanks, you are correct the width & height were the issues...

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