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    We have an application that uses a custom built CAB approach.  When a user clicks on a launcher a view is inserted into a UI region and populates.  This view is a wizardview and uses a radtabstrip to hold other views for each panel in the wizard.  The UI region that holds these views is a radpanel with a roundedrectangleshape.  The app also has a header area with launchers and picturbox (logo) in it.  This is also rounded and has a gradient background. 

    The interface uses tablelayoutpanels and flowlayoutpanels extensively and initially these were causes huge headaches due to transparency and flickering.  This has been remedied as per other posts on your forums by enabled double buffering on these controls (custom inherited control double buffered tablelayoutpanel etc...).  However there is still significant slow down with painting operations which causes the screen layout to take quite a period of time to repaint.

    This happens predominantly when loading the wizardview for the first time and when resizing the application window.  I have used suspendlayout and resumelayout during resize begin and resize end respectively on the form which improves the performance but doesn't have the same snappy feel that the user would expect.

    Normal winforms performs a lot better than this, however I understand the complexities that are in the radcontrols (element tree) and the impact on GDI+, saying that our client is getting frustrated with us and at this stage we may have to consider other control libraries.

    Any help would be appreciated.  If you wish I can open an support ticket and upload a version of the app.

  2. Jordan
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    Hi Marcus Eddy,

    Your application seems interesting from what I read in your post. You are probably aware that working on top of Windows Forms means that RadControls for WinForms are a bit slower at best (which is a little price to pay for all the slick appearance that you get and added functionality). In order to help you identify and correct the remaining issues, please send us the application itself or a sample one. Thank you very much in advance.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team

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  3. Nikolay
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    Hi Marcus Eddy,

    I just wanted to inform you that we are still interested in your case and the application that you made with RadControls for WinForms. We will be glad if you send us a support ticket with the application attached. This is the only way to provide you with accurate assistance and optimization tips where such are possible. In addition, this will allow us to focus our development efforts in the right direction.

    I noticed that you have recently downloaded Q1 2009 SP1 (v2009.1.9.414). In this version we made major performance optimizations of RadForm's performance which is now closer to the Microsoft Form's performance. Could you please share with us your feedback on using the Q1 2009 SP1?

    I am happy to inform you that we are currently preparing a bunch of memory and performance optimizations for Q2, which will significantly increase the overall UI experience. For additional information about these optimizations, please refer to our Roadmap.

    I am looking forward to your response.

    the Telerik team

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