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    I created a test that covers the standard flow of our application. This test is divided into multiple 'Test as Step'. In one of the first 'Test as step', I am selecting a RadComboBox item and then, I create an Extraction step for the text now appearing in the RadComboBox. I then added binding to this step to store the text in a variable to be used later on. This step is now looking like this: radcomboboxitem Extract text into DataBindVariable $(JOHNSMITHRadcomboboxitem) - DataDriven: [$(AssignTo)].

    In the next 'Test as Step', I want to select an item in a RadComboBox based on $(AssignTo). Here are the 2 steps that I created in order to do so: radcombobox: drop down 'Open' action. and  radcombobox: selecting item 'JOHN SMITH - ESTIMATOR' - DataDriven: [$(AssignTo)].

    This is not working: I am getting the following error: Unable to find item with text '' to select!

    Any idea of what is causing this issue? Is what I am trying to do doable? Please note that originally, I created the test with hardcoded steps for every radComboBox 'selecting item' step. This was working fine when running the test on my development machine but when I moved the test to another machine which is using a different database, the items selected were different from expected, although the item to be selected existed in the radComboBoxes of this other machine. It looks like if test studio was 'remembering' something else than the 'text' to find the item...
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    Hello Marc-Andre,

    I'm sorry you are running into this problem.

    The problem is coming from this step:
    radcomboboxitem Extract text into DataBindVariable $(JOHNSMITHRadcomboboxitem) - DataDriven: [$(AssignTo)]

    When you create an Extraction step the value will be stored in a DataBindVariable $(JOHNSMITHRadcomboboxitem) and there is no need to bind this step to an external datasource. Please read this documentation.

    In other words, to work correctly you need to remove this part :DataDriven: [$(AssignTo)]
    and modify your test to look like that:
        1. radcomboboxitem Extract text into DataBindVariable $(JOHNSMITHRadcomboboxitem)
        2. radcombobox: drop down 'Open' action.
        3. radcombobox: selecting item 'JOHN SMITH - ESTIMATOR' -DataDriven: [$(JOHNSMITHRadcomboboxitem)].

    Please try it and let me know if it works!

    the Telerik team

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    Yes, this is working. I think I had it like this at one point but I screwed it up some how... Thank you very much.

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