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RadButtons not rendering the same way in two different tabs.

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Buttons, RadioButton, CheckBox, etc
This is a migrated thread and some comments may be shown as answers.
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Gabriel asked on 06 Dec 2019, 08:55 PM


On a form, I am programmaticaly creating radButtons in tow different tabPages. The UI is rendered correctly in the first tab (see "Tab1.png") but not in the second ("Tab2.png"). They are generated the same way:

// For tab 1
RadButton b = new RadButton();
b.EnableTheming = true;
b.ThemeName = new DesertTheme().ThemeName;
b.Name = n;
b.Text = n;
b.Left = 10;
b.Top = (22 * i++);
b.MinimumSize = new Size(ptp1.Width - 40, 20);
b.MaximumSize = new Size(ptp1.Width - 40, 0);
b.AutoSize = true;
b.Padding = new Padding(4);
((TextPrimitive)b.ButtonElement.Children[1].Children[1]).TextWrap = true;
b.RootElement.StretchVertically = false;
b.TextAlignment = ContentAlignment.MiddleCenter;
b.Click += new EventHandler(onBtnRechercheClick);
tt.SetToolTip(b, b.Name);


// For tab 2

RadButton b2 = new RadButton();

b2.EnableTheming = true;
b2.ThemeName = new DesertTheme().ThemeName;
b2.Name = n2;
b2.Text = n2;
b2.Left = 10;
b2.Top = (22 * i2++);
b2.MinimumSize = new Size(ptp2.Width - 40, 20);
b2.MaximumSize = new Size(ptp2.Width - 40, 0);
b2.AutoSize = true;
b2.Padding = new Padding(4);
((TextPrimitive)b2.ButtonElement.Children[1].Children[1]).TextWrap = true;
b2.RootElement.StretchVertically = false;
b2.TextAlignment = ContentAlignment.MiddleCenter;
b2.Click += onBtnRechercheClick;
tt.SetToolTip(b2, b2.Name);

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Nadya | Tech Support Engineer
Telerik team
answered on 11 Dec 2019, 09:34 AM

Hello Gabriel,

According to the provided information, it seems that you have added the buttons in RadPageView. Please note that the elements inside each page in the RadPageView are loaded on-demand. To ensure that the specified layout will be applied to the pages I can suggest you to select each page programmatically in the Load event of the form.

I have prepared a sample project by using the provided code snippet. Could you please give it a try and let me know how it works for you? The result on my end is demonstrated in the attached gif file. However, if you are still experiencing any further difficulties, I would kindly ask you to modify the project in order to demonstrate the undesired behavior that you are facing and get it back to me. Thus, we would be able to make an adequate analysis of the precise case and assist you further. Thank you in advance.

I am looking forward to your reply.

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Buttons, RadioButton, CheckBox, etc
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Nadya | Tech Support Engineer
Telerik team
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