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  1. Jay
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    Nov 2016

    Posted 02 Nov 2016 Link to this post

    i want to customise Scheduler's Ruler like Attached Image 

    can any one tell me set start time and end time 


    how to set gap between two time?

  2. Dess | Tech Support Engineer, Sr.
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    Posted 02 Nov 2016 Link to this post

    Hello Jay,

    Thank you for writing.  

    The default scale of the ruler can be set with a single property (RangeFactor) to any of the predefined values, or the user can select a new scale by simply right-clicking in the time ruler and selecting the preferable setting. The start/end of the ruler can be controlled by the RulerStartScale and RulerEndScale properties. You can set the RangeFactor to 7 minutes as below but note that 60 minutes is not divisible by 7. Hence, the last cell within the hour will take more than 7 minutes. It is recommended to set the RangeFactor to an integer number where 60 is divisible by it.   
    public RadForm1()
        this.radScheduler1.ActiveViewType = Telerik.WinControls.UI.SchedulerViewType.Day;
        this.radScheduler1.GetDayView().RangeFactor = (Telerik.WinControls.UI.ScaleRange)7;
        this.radScheduler1.GetDayView().RulerStartScale = 8;
        RulerPrimitive ruler = (this.radScheduler1.SchedulerElement.ViewElement as SchedulerDayViewElement).DataAreaElement.Ruler;
        ruler.FormatStrings = new RulerFormatStrings("HH", "mm", "hh", "mm");

    I hope this information helps. Should you have further questions I would be glad to help.

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  3. Jay
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    Nov 2016

    Posted 02 Nov 2016 in reply to Dess | Tech Support Engineer, Sr. Link to this post

    Thanks for help

    you save my day :D

    if i have any query related this i will post it here.

    thanks again

  4. ghini
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    Sep 2012

    Posted 09 Feb 2018 in reply to Dess | Tech Support Engineer, Sr. Link to this post

    Hi Dess,
    I can not use your suggestion.

    I use VB and Telerik V 2016.2.607.
    Is it possible that the RangeFactor is not included in this version?


  5. Hristo
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    Posted 12 Feb 2018 Link to this post


    The RangeFactor property has been part of the scheduler ever since it was released, way before 2016. Please note that this thread is discussing the RadScheduler control for WinForms. If you are using a different product please post your questions in the proper forum. In case you are using WinForms and your issue persists please open a support ticket and send us your project so that we can test it locally.

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