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  1. Marcus
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    Posted 26 Apr 2014 Link to this post

    Hey Guys,

    first of all - the idea is really great - giving us the possibility to publish apps to customers or employees - especially without using Itunesconnect etc.

    However, there are a few questions which i'd like to ask - since we ma use the AppManager to supply some Apps to customers...

    1. Will the AppManager-App (after login) be brandable with the own company etc.? It looks a bit like "Hey - I've bought an App and i am just reselling it to you.." or some kind of that if everything "in between" is Telerik-branded....

    2. What about just supplying an "anonymous" User-Group (where we do not know the Mail-Adresses? E.g. 500 Employees of an Company?

    3. What about using the App after AppManager is unistalled? 

    4. What Data are you collecting from the customers? Since YOU are saving personal Data of e.g.OUR customers, there might be a LOT of concerns regarding data protection and safety...


  2. Tsvetina
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    Posted 28 Apr 2014 Link to this post

    Hello Marcus,

    Thank you for the valuable feedback.

    Let me address your questions one by one:

    1. This is a very good suggestion and we will definitely consider it for implementation in the coming months.

    2. Our immediate plans for development include Active Directory integration which will help skip the steps of adding users one by one, using email.

    3. Currently, AppManager does not interact with other apps on a mobile device, so after it is uninstalled, apps that were downloaded through it, remain on the device. We are considering the option for removing these apps but such feature has not been planned for a specific release. If there is high user demand, the implementation of this feature will happen sooner.

    4. The only data that we keep is what you see on the user registration screen (name and email (always); company and phone number (only when the user decides to provide them), as well as the registered device name, id and operating system. All this information is kept in a separate Backend Services instance that stores your information only. Upon deletion of a user from your AppManager project, all data associated with the user is deleted from the backend and Telerik no longer stores it anywhere.

    I hope the provided information was useful. Let us know should you have further questions or comments.

    Additionally, if you want to submit feature requests, so that other users can vote for them too (this way raising their priority), you can use the Telerik Platform Feedback portal.


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  3. Chif
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    Posted 02 Sep 2014 in reply to Tsvetina Link to this post

    +1 for the suggestion of adding your own branding to the app Manager email and splash screens. I can't currently use it because it appears to much like I am a third party reseller if I do.
  4. Martin Yankov
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    Posted 04 Sep 2014 Link to this post

    Hello Chris,

    Thank you for your valuable feedback. We appreciate it and have logged the feature in our future development plans. In the meantime you can submit this in our Telerik Platform Feedback Portal so that other users can vote for it too.

    Martin Yankov

    Check out the Telerik Platform - the only platform that combines a rich set of UI tools with powerful cloud services to develop web, hybrid and native mobile apps.

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