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Backend Services


Manage Your Backend from One Portal


Backend Services is a set of cloud-based services that enable developers to build and manage mobile apps in a significantly faster, easier and more scalable way. Telerik Backend Services can significantly speed up development by providing your app with data storage, user management, push and email notifications, and server-code execution. All of these features can be managed conveniently from a single portal, allowing you intuitive control over what happens in your app’s backend.

Add Social Authentication Services

You can make your app social by leveraging the powerful user management feature in Telerik Backend services. With just a few lines of code, you can add user authentication, user authorization and user management to your app with popular providers like Facebook, Google or Microsoft LiveID, or integrate it with your enterprise network using Active Directory integration.

Your App with Cloud Flexibility

Make app improvements whenever you want with the kind of flexibility crucial to ensuring your app meets the ever-growing demands of today’s marketplace.

You can execute business logic and validations straight on our servers using our cloud code functionality. You can also use cloud code to integrate with external systems using the power of our JavaScript SDK straight in the cloud code. You don’t have to replicate complex logic on the client, where process time and response is often crucial. 

Secure Files and Data: Out-of-the-Box

Telerik realizes how important security is for you and your app users. That's why Telerik servers and networking hardware are hosted and managed within a secure Rackspace facility, accredited under numerous international security standards. 

Right out-of-the-box, you get physical data security, automated monitoring and rapid response for any security events and incidents. Moreover, our servers with Rackspace are accredited with MasterCard Europe and Visa USA as Level 1 Payment Card Industry (PCI) Service Provider compliant. Please note that while Rackspace is a PCI-compliant service provider, this does not automatically make Telerik users PCI-compliant. Telerik users should consult with a Qualified Security Assessor and Merchant Bank to clarify any PCI obligations and steps needed to achieve customer compliance.

Automate Image Resizing

This feature doesn’t require you to store your images with Telerik as Backend Services work with any image available on the internet. We automatically resize your images, and store them in an Amazon CloudFront CDN network that has more than 50 servers around the world to deliver the optimized image in the fastest possible way. You can benefit from the responsive images service in both new and existing websites and apps to improve the performance of your app.

Enable Push, Email and SMS Notifications for Your App with One Click

Whether it’s the latest goal scored in a World Cup match or a friend’s status update, Backend Services make it easy for you to set up and manage mobile app notifications. Just write your message, select the audience and note when to send the notification, designating if and when you’d like it to expire. Filter by status, device, message and more.

Manage Your Entire Mobile App Lifecycle

Backend services provide the same seamless integration and backend management for non-Telerik technologies. This means you are free to consume as few or as many Backend services as you please.
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Target Every Mobile Platform with Ease

With Backend Services, you can to target all devices that matter the most in today's mobile world: iOS, Android, Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8. But that's not all. Backend services work perfectly with .NET or web-based solutions. 

Explore the documentation for SDKs to see the wide operating systems support for yourself.


Easily connect to MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL

Data Connectors are powerful tools to mobilize enterprise data residing in your existing Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle databases. There is no coding required to create powerful and scalable cloud services optimized for mobile apps that use your existing database.
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Data Connectors

Microsoft SQL

MS SQL Integration for Mobile Apps
Built-in MS SQL data connector allows you to seamlessly connect your mobile app to your existing MS SQL database.


MySQL Integration for Mobile Apps
Easily connect your mobile app to your existing MySQL database using the built-in MySQL Data Connector.


Oracle Integration for Mobile Apps
Connecting your mobile app to an existing Oracle database has never been easier with our built-in Oracle Data Connector.


PostgreSQL Integration for Mobile Apps
PostgreSQL Data Connector enables you to easily connect your mobile app to an existing PostgreSQL database.

Part of Telerik Platform

Telerik Backend Services is available separately, or as part of Telerik Platform, the first end-to-end platform for hybrid, native and web development across all devices. Join the platform to:

  • Get industry-leading UI tools for building web, hybrid and native apps
  • Design, develop and test mobile apps
  • Simplify data management, data integration, user management and push notifications
  • Explore user behavior with powerful app analytics
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Telerik Platform


BAAS AppBuilder Integration

You’ll get ready-to-use backend services for Telerik AppBuilder cross-platform mobile development.

BAAS Sitefinity Integration

Backend Services ensure on-premise security with cloud flexibility in Telerik Sitefinity CMS.

BAAS Windows Phone Integration

The Backend Services cloud data-sync enables offline/online fully functional Windows Phone apps.

BAAS Kendo UI Integration

Backend Services connect your HTML5 web or mobile frontend to a cloud backend.

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Sample Apps

Backend Services include many sample apps to help you start developing a fully functioning backend for your app with ease.

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  • Telerik Backend Services enable you to spend more time building functionality in your product, and less time on data infrastructure.

    Randal MeltonCEO
  • As an independent trainer and developer, I have met with many service providers in the cloud. Telerik Backend Services proved to be the most developer-friendly service. Fantastic! 

    Dejan MauerR&D Manager
  • Thanks to Telerik Backend Services and AppBuilder, I was able to release my first app, Hidden Cuisine, in two months. Telerik Backend Services makes it easy to store and access your data in the cloud.

    Blake ScarlavaiCreator of Hidden Cuisine
    Hidden Cuisine

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