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    Posted 09 Oct 2013 Link to this post

    I am switching over to VS 2010 from VS 2008 ( and have just started evaluating JustCode, so please forgive me if my question is elementary in nature.

    It seems that spaces and/or tabs are not being automatically inserted when I think they should be.

    For example, if I type dim i as integer=x*y, I expect VS to reformat this as dim i as integer = x * y, but this is not happening. Should it be? If not, how do I fix it?

    Also, if I type the following:

    if a=b then
    end if

    I expect VS will automatically reformat this to the following but it doesn't. I pretty much get what I typed.
    If a = b Then
        c = 5
       c = 4
    End If
  2. Zdravko
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    Posted 10 Oct 2013 Link to this post

    Hello Steve,

     Thanks for contacting us.
    We have a command "Format code" that do this. It is available in the Visual Aid Code Generation menu and it has a keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + F. You can activate it for the whole file or just for a selection.

    Share what you think about JustCode with us, so we can help you even better! You can use the built-in feedback tool inside JustCode, our forum, or our JustCode feedback portal.
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