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    With the uncertainty over sliverlight, I am focusing on html 5. However, html 5 does not seem to be able to fill the void of a server-side tech like silverlight (or so I think!).

    Specifcally, with kendo UI, can I stream data to charts in a real time fashion with C#? I think I saw a thread about providing data from C# to Kendo UI?

    Also, I would love to see the product be = to Kendo UI in terms of features and controls (E.g. the book control).

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    You can use an ASP.NET web service written in C# or use the new Web API. I use the latter (with VB) with no problems at all.
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    Thanks. Is there any example of this? I realise you're not a Telerik employee.
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    This is the JavaScript I have for Autocomplete:
            change: onSearchClick,
            minLength: 3,
            dataTextField: "title",
            dataSource: new{
                type: "json",
                pageSize: 8,
                serverFiltering: true, // Required to prevent caching.
                serverPaging: true, // Required to prevent caching. 
                transport: {
                    read: getRootDomain() + "/autoComplete",
                    parameterMap: function (options) {
                        return $.extend(options, {
                            title: $("#txtSearch").data("kendoAutoComplete").value()
                error: function (e) {
                    // do something

    This is the code for the service.
    Imports System.Json
    Imports System.ServiceModel
    Imports System.ServiceModel.Web
    Imports WebMatrix.Data
    Public Class Autocomplete
    #Region "Public methods"
        Public Function [Get]() As JsonArray
            ' Vars.
            Dim context = System.Web.HttpContext.Current
            Dim query As String
            Dim db = Database.Open("ILTV")
            ' Find the top 10 matches for the partial title typed.
            query = "SELECT TOP 10 Title, SKU, Collection FROM Titles WHERE Title LIKE '%" & context.Request("title") & "%' ORDER BY Title ASC"
            Dim result = db.Query(query)
            ' Format results for the JSON parser.
            Dim results As New List(Of Suggestion)
            For Each r In result
                Dim s As New Suggestion With {.title = r.Title, .url = r.Collection & "/" & Utilities.GetFriendlyProductUrl(r.Title) & "/" & r.SKU.ToString.ToLower}
            ' Encode the JSON array.
            Dim jString As String = System.Web.Helpers.Json.Encode(results)
            Return JsonArray.Parse(jString)
        End Function
    #End Region
        ' todo: comment me!
        ' lowercase on purpose to make it niceer when parsed to JSON.
    #Region "Data models"
        Public Class Suggestion
            Public Property title As String
            Public Property url As String
        End Class
    #End Region
    End Class

    You will need to download the new Web API preview from from Microsoft. It is just a few references you need to add + a smidge of code to register the service. It is pretty straight-forward enough + there is loads of sample with the Web API. You can also not use WCF by just have a webpage that returns the data if you are using Web Pages Razor.
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    Here is an example I did using the AutoComplete control.

    $(document).ready(function () {
            dataSource: {
                transport: {
                    parameterMapfunction () {
                        return { venueName$('#SearchBox').val(), reviewStatusId'1' };

    at the top of your Web Service (.asmx)  make sure you uncomment this line

    In my javascript code above, this is the path to your web service and the name of the Web Method that you are calling.  

    I've been using jQuery and services like this (including WCF Web API) for over a year now, creating RIAs similar to what you might create with Silverlight.  But I feel that this way is better and Silverlight is on the way out (if it ever got off the ground to begin with).

    Hope that helps.
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