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Problem with large aggregated grid

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Jiatang asked on 02 Nov 2015, 08:20 PM

I've a very large grid, more then 1000 rows. The data is already downloaded from the server, so I create a datasource like this:


dataSource = new{

    data: this.slateData,

    group: this.slateGridGroups,

    filter: this.getNodeFilter() }



I use custom row templates, so it's very slow to load/reload the grid. When I initialize, filter or sort the grid, the browser will freeze for about 5 seconds.


I want to solve this problem by adding a pageSize parameter to the dataSource and make the gird option pagable = false, scrollable: { virtual: true}

However, if I use it in this way, I'm unable to load all the group header at the beginning. I need to keep scrolling down to get new group headers. This is not acceptable by our requirement.


How can I solve this problem?

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T. Tsonev
Telerik team
answered on 05 Nov 2015, 09:04 AM

Please accept my apologies for the delayed response. I wanted to discuss this with the Grid developers before getting back to you.

The virtual scrolling will not work well in this case. It handles the groups much like paging does.
That is, it will load one page worth of rows, regardless of how they're grouped.
What you'd want in this case is to load a fixed number of entries - be it plain rows or collapsed groups.

That said, there's a widget that does exactly that - the TreeList. It works with N-level hierarchical data and expands groups on demand.
It expects flat, self-referencing hierarchical data. It's important to notice that it does not support row templates, only column templates.

The other option I see is to keep using the Grid w/o virtual scrolling and let us try to fine tune the row template.
I can't make any guarantees we'll be able to make it any faster though.

Does this make sense?

T. Tsonev
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T. Tsonev
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