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    i got the issue that when navigating to an external view a jscript error is thrown complaining that data for a binding could not be found.
    -- Uncaught Error: Unable to parse bindings. Message: ReferenceError: Username is not defined; Bindings value: value: Username  

    This happens when the user tries to navigate to an external page like "/Studies/List/".

    Actually I use kendo.bind to display the data on the view (but it's the same problem with knockout).

    Basically my Views look like this:

    <div data-role="layout" data-id="buttons" >
            <header data-role="header">
                <div data-role="navbar">                
                    <span data-role="view-title"></span>
            <!--View content will render here-->                  
        <footer data-role="footer">
            <div data-role="tabstrip">
            <a href="#home" data-icon="home">Home</a>
                <a href="#details" data-icon="home">Locale View</a>
                <a href="@( Url.Content("~/Studies/List") )" data-icon="mostrecent">External</a>

    <div data-role="view" data-title="Home" data-layout="buttons" id="home">
        <div id="dataView">
        <span data-bind="text: name"></span>, <span data-bind="text: vorname"></span>

    <div data-role="view" data-title="Details" data-layout="buttons" id="details">
        <span data-bind="text: name"></span>

    and here is the minimal JScript for it:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    var app = new, {
        transition: 'slide'

    var data = kendo.observable({
        name: "LastName",
        vorname: "FirstName"

    kendo.bind($("#dataView"), data);
    kendo.bind($("#details"), data);


    so, whenever the user is in the home screen (v1) hits the 3rd tab-button and the "external" view (v2) is loaded, v2 is never displayed because jscript complains about the missing data that is bound in v1.

    Really strange. Did I mention that it doesn't matter if you use kendo.bind or the knockout-version? It doesn't, so i guess it's a problem from either the views or the application (or all two both :) )
    Does anyone have a guess on how to solve this?

    Up to now i tried to remove the bindings when navigating away with data-hide  ( ko.cleanNode() ) but that does not help.
    Setting the attr "data-bind" to "" could work but that's indiscutable.

    Any help would be really great.
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