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Populating the TreeView seems slow (3 levels, 706 leafs)

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Richard asked on 06 Mar 2013, 01:26 PM
I have a 3-level 706 leaf data source that is sent from my server.  
7 nodes at level-1, 121 nodes at level-2, 706 nodes at level-3.

The DOM element to contain the kendoTreeView is created dynamically as thus:
    dragAndDrop: false,
    select: onSelectHierNode
It takes about 20 seconds for the above statement to execute.  I'm pretty sure I need to load the tree in it's entirety because after it is loaded the nodes that were selected in a previous session are automatically reselected.  (onSelectHierNode does some magic to allow multiple selections in the TreeView).

Regardless, the 20s is a UI killer and hard to sell to the user.

From earlier discussions it sounds like 128 (7+121) data sources are created internally as kendoTreeView consumes my input dataSource "" and may be the largest cause of the delays observed.

Q: Can you recommend techniques for speeding up the tree population ?
Not sure how loadOnDemand would work if I need to auto select one or more level-3 nodes

Q: Is there a progress callback available during populating so that I can at least show something is going on ?
I would much rather have a progress bar than an indeterminate spinny.

Q: Are there any roadmap plans for a kendoVirtualTreeView ? 
I can manage the data and states myself fine, just 'call me' when you want some.

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Alex Gyoshev
Telerik team
answered on 06 Mar 2013, 02:10 PM
Hello RIchard,

You can use loadOnDemand:true and load only the nodes that need to be selected. This will greatly improve the performance, at the cost that you need to keep the path to the pre-selected nodes (i.e. if the pre-selected node is in the first child of the second rood node, you should open them after initializing the tree)

Alex Gyoshev
the Telerik team
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Alex Gyoshev
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