PieSeries OffsetFromCenter not being reapplied after Selection

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    I've observed that when a Slice is selected and deselected again in the PieSeries, then the Offset which is set in the <PieDataPoint/> tag is not being applied anymore and the slice/piedatapoint loses the offset that was set initially. Is this a bug or am I doing it wrong?

    <telerik:PieSeries ShowLabels="False" SelectedPointOffset="0.03">
    <telerik:PieDataPoint Value="27" OffsetFromCenter="0.02"/>
    <telerik:PieDataPoint Value="33" OffsetFromCenter="0.02"/>
    <telerik:PieDataPoint Value="40" OffsetFromCenter="0.02"/>
    <!--<telerik:PieDataPoint Value="33" OffsetFromCenter="0.02"/>-->
                <telerik:AngleRange StartAngle="270" SweepAngle="360" />
    <telerik:ChartSelectionBehavior DataPointSelectionMode="Single">

    Also, how does the SelectedPointOffset property work? I don't see the effect of 0.03 offset for the selected slice when I select a slice - the offset is much more than that for the slice which is selected
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    The reason you do not see any effect when setting SelectedPointOffset is due to a bug, which has already been fixed. The fix is available with our latest LIB, released on March 4th, which you can download from your account.

    When using SelectionBehavior, we would recommend setting the SelectedPointOffset property of the series, instead of an individual data point's OffsetFromCenter, which would only work on initial load, as you've discovered.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team

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