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    Posted 24 Nov 2016 Link to this post

    We are generating a PDF form in Finnish language. We are having problems with scandic letters (åäö) not rendering correctly in the PDF. They are on top of each other. Is this a problem with Telerik PDF export or the font? Are there workarounds? I tried another font (Fira Sans) and the results are the same.

    The attached files show how it looks in the DOM and in the generated PDF.


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    Posted 28 Nov 2016 Link to this post

    Hi Jussi,

    I tried to reproduce the reported letter squishing problem, but to no avail. I've made a test page http://dojo.telerik.com/@RumenJ/eKoJo (based on this demo) where I placed the word läkäärin on three different places and it was exported without problem with the DejaVu Sans font. Here is a screenshot of the result: http://screencast.com/t/BbPj6LxdpZp.

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  3. Jussi
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    Posted 28 Nov 2016 in reply to Rumen Link to this post

    Thanks for your test! I found the difference between my code and your example. You can see the overlapping characters behavior by commenting out these lines from your example:

        "DejaVu Sans"             : "//kendo.cdn.telerik.com/2016.2.607/styles/fonts/DejaVu/DejaVuSans.ttf",
        "DejaVu Sans|Bold"        : "//kendo.cdn.telerik.com/2016.2.607/styles/fonts/DejaVu/DejaVuSans-Bold.ttf",
        "DejaVu Sans|Bold|Italic" : "//kendo.cdn.telerik.com/2016.2.607/styles/fonts/DejaVu/DejaVuSans-Oblique.ttf",
        "DejaVu Sans|Italic"      : "//kendo.cdn.telerik.com/2016.2.607/styles/fonts/DejaVu/DejaVuSans-Oblique.ttf"


    There was a mistake with how I embedded fonts in our code. Using these exact lines fixes the problem for us. Ultimately, we will want to use "Fira Sans" font for our reports, so I just have to figure out how to use those fonts instead of "DejaVu Sans".

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