Passing additional parameters to DataSource and persisting them

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    I understand how the functionality works; I send a JavaScript plain object and the parameters and values are sent to the server. That all works well. I also understand how the data object works under the read transport; that won't work in this instance, because the ViewModel that has the data I need upon search isn't created until after the DataSource itself. I don't want to use require.js if I don't have to :)

    But, what if I have a DataSource that has server paging (I use the skip and take parameters on the server to process the request) and I send a plain object when I read? How do I persist the query parameters after I go to the next page in a Data Grid?

    For instance:

    *** DataSource ***

    var rfqDataSource = new{
      schema: { model: { id: "RFQ" }, data: "RfqQuotes", total: "total" },
      transport: { read: { url: window.rfqQuotePath, dataType: "json" } },
      serverPaging: true,
      pageSize: 15

    *** Call to read the datasource after a search button is clicked ***{ customer: rfqModel.customer, startDate: rfqModel.startDate });

    The Grid that is bound to the DataSource filters correctly, but as soon as I go to the next page, the read parameters are lost. Better yet, if I'm on page two of the Grid before I do a search, and do the search, the Grid may show no results at all depending on how many pages of actual data are returned.

    So, I want to be able to send parameters to the API and persist those parameters until I search again or clear the search parameters.

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    Hello Christopher,

    This could be achieved by specifying the additional parameters in the option.

    Alexander Popov
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