Paging won't go to certain pages.

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Daniel asked on 22 Dec 2022, 10:47 PM

I have an issue with my page where everything works fine except it will not go to pages 3, 5, and 11.  My datasource is a list of an object in my model.  I can add, save, anything except go to those pages.  Below is my code from the page. I am using Kendo 2020.3.1118 (don't have a license for anything newer).  If I click on the 3, nothing happens if I am on page 2 and click the next page arrow, nothing happens. If I am on page 4 and click the next page arrow nothing happens.  But if I am on page 6 and click it, I go to 7, then 8, etc. until I get to 10.  It only refuses those 3 pages out of the 12 that it creates for my data.  The counter on the bottom right works fine.  And if I take out the pageable ability, my dropdown quits working.  I have only been using Kendo for about a week or so.  Once I get this figured out, this project will actually be complete.  It is the last issue I have to solve.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

                    .Columns(c =>
                        c.Command(command => command.Custom("Save").SendDataKeys(true).Click("sendLO2")).Width(95);
                        //c.Command(command => { command.Edit(); }).Width(150);
                        c.Bound(f => f.ID).Title("ID").Width(95);
                        c.Bound(f => f.LoanOfficerID).Title("Loan OfficerID").Width(100);
                        c.Bound(f => f.FullName).Title("Full Name").Width(125);
                        c.Bound(f => f.FirstName).Title("First Name").Width(125);
                        c.Bound(f => f.LastName).Title("Last Name").Width(125);
                        c.Bound(f => f.ReceivingLoanOfficerID).Title("Receiving Loan OfficerID").Width(150);
                        c.Bound(f => f.ReceivingFullName)
                            .Title("Receiving Full Name")
                        c.Bound(f => f.ReceivingFirstName).Title("Receiving First Name").Width(125);
                        c.Bound(f => f.ReceivingLastName).Title("Receiving Last Name").Width(125);
                        c.Bound(f => f.Active).Title("Active").Width(95);
                        c.Bound(f => f.CreatedDate).Title("Created Date").Width(125);
                        c.Bound(f => f.ReceivingEmployeeID).Title("Receiving EmployeeID").Width(125);
                        c.Bound(f => f.ReceivingLOID).Title("Receiving LOID").Width(125);
                        c.Bound(f => f.ReceivingTitle).Title("Receiving Title").Width(125);
                        c.Bound(f => f.ReceivingNMLSID).Title("Receiving NMLSID").Width(125);
                        c.Bound(f => f.ReceivingMobileNumber).Title("Receiving Mobile Number").Width(125);
                        c.Bound(f => f.ReceivingOfficeNumber).Title("Receiving Office Number").Width(125);
                        c.Bound(f => f.ReceivingEmailAddress).Title("Receiving Email Address").Width(125);
                        c.Bound(f => f.ReceivingWebsite).Title("Receiving Website").Width(150);
                        c.Bound(f => f.ReceivingBranchID).Title("Receiving BranchID").Width(125);
                        c.Bound(f => f.ReceivingTandemTeamID).Title("Receiving Tandem TeamID").Width(125);
                        c.Bound(f => f.ReceivingOriginationTeamID).Title("Receiving Origination TeamID").Width(125);
                        c.Bound(f => f.ReceivingPictureURL).Title("Receiving Picture URL").Width(150);
                        c.Bound(f => f.ReceivingQRCodeURL).Title("Receiving QRCode URL").Width(150);
                        c.Bound(f => f.ReceivingActive).Title("Receiving Active").Width(95);
                        c.Bound(f => f.ReceivingDateCreated).Title("Receiving Date Created").Width(125);
                        c.Bound(f => f.ReceivingCreatedBy).Title("Receiving Created By").Width(125);
                    .ToolBar(toolbar => toolbar.Create())
                    .Editable(editable => editable.Mode(GridEditMode.InCell))
                    .HtmlAttributes(new { style = "height:650px;" })
                    .DataSource(DataSource => DataSource
                            .Update(update => update.Action("SaveLO", "Home"))
                            .Create(update => update.Action("SaveLO", "Home"))
                            .Model(model =>
                                model.Id(p => p.ID);
                                model.Field(p => p.ReceivingFullName).DefaultValue(ViewData["defaultLO"] as Nova.ReceivingLO_LO.MVC.Models.LOOptions);

                    .Resizable(resize => resize.Columns(true))

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answered on 23 Dec 2022, 05:50 PM
I figured this out.  It turned out that it was a data issue.  I had a few rows that didn't have anything that would go in the drop down so it wouldn't let me go to those pages because it didn't know what to do with the dropdown.  So I changed my sql code to put a 0 in the one field that corresponded to the ID of the dropdown and made an entry for the dropdown that would be a 0 ID and it worked. I can now go to every page.
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