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    1. In notifications I see the ability to email Log messages.  I cannot find how to create a log message in the user application and I do not see Log messages anywhere in the EQATEC UI.  In some older screenshots I found online there is a Log section on the EQATEC website.

    2. For the option 'Subscribe on new exception', what constitutes a new exception?  I would like to be notified when something goes seriously wrong with the app and if it only sends new exceptions I believe it wouldn't tell me that something went wrong if that same thing already happened 6 months ago.

    3. How do you do this, as listed on the second page of the Analytics home page: "You can even push a notification to your users that a fixed version of your application is available. How cool is that?"

    Is there documentation anywhere for these types of questions?  I see little documentation online other than a few examples and XMLDOC for the API.

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    Kevin Kalitowski
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    Hi Kevin,

     1. We are generally moving away from support the Log functionality and have removed it from new accounts. Seems like we did not succeed in finding all the places where it popped up in the UI so I'll register that as a bug. As for the documentation, we have decided to keep the documentation unchanged as some of our existing customers still have support. Sorry for the confusion.

    2. In our system, a new exception is defined as an exception reported that does not match any previously seen exception (we are matching on stuff like stacktrace and type). So in that sense you will not be notified if the same exception occurs multiple times. I'll put this scenario into our backlog as I think it is a pretty valid use case.

    3. This is another one of the features that we have moved away from in our newest version of the service. You may find mentions of it in the documentation similar to the Log functionality but I'll nudge the marketing guys to remove it from the non-technical pages.

    Thanks for your feedback, hope it helps

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