Nav Bar Button Tappable Area Differences Between Full Native Apps

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    Posted 07 Apr 2013 Link to this post

    After doing two separate side by side examples of our apps and doing user acceptance testing with them.  I have a couple issues I would like help with.

    1. The buttons within the NavBar are not the same tappable area.  I can fix some of this with css to make with wider or taller.  However it seems full native apps NavBar buttons in iOS can be tapped when tapping on the bottom portion of the status bar.  For example try to tap the back button by hitting closer to the carrier text on a full native app and it will go back. With Kendo UI within a Cordova shell it won't work unless you tap lower.  

    Can you help me make this more native like? Watching people tap the back button sometimes 4 times makes for a lesser user experience.  Also have you seen this same effect in your internal testing?

    I also have tested other known hybrid apps, which also exhibit this behavior, and wanted to know if this is a limitation to hybrid apps that use html for navigation.

    2. Email Sending upon completion or cancel does not return to app

    In a full native app in iOS when sending an email or trying to and canceling it goes back to the app.  I am currently using a mailto: link to create an email and it just goes to the email app after sending an email.

    How can I get full native behavior using Cordova and Kendo on iOS?

    3. Best practices for sliding transitions

    What are the best practices for getting transitions to appear native like in iOS? Some times the screen scrolls inefficiently or jittery screaming a non native experience on a modern iPhone.

    What are best practices on view initializations or other framework settings to minimize view transition speed/quality?

    4. Text Selection

    I want certain areas of my app to be selectable for users to copy and paste data, can this be done, or does this create lots of opportunities for undesired app behavior?

  2. Eric
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    Posted 08 Apr 2013 Link to this post

    I initially meant to have just one post, but it is broader than the nav bar point.  Can I get this moved to the general discussion forum please.
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    Hi Eric,

    The tappable area is a very valid concern. Currently, it is managed entirely by the browser, based on the element dimensions. At some point, we are planning on a research if we can't improve that behavior somehow. 

    Unfortunately, I can't provide much assistance for the second problem. Perhaps the PhoneGap support may know more about it.

    Our research so far shows that transitions performance is largely related to the view contents - large lists tend to be sluggish, for instance. In-depth review and examples about how to speed things up are the focus of our next release.

    Native iOS apps do not allow text selection by default - you may consider using input elements for that.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team
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