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    Posted 07 Aug 2013 Link to this post

    I am attempting to use the Kendo UI MVVM framework with the Kendo UI drag and drop mechanic; But I am having a very difficult time finding out how to get the data dropped out of the `draggable` object.

    My code is something like this ... 

    var viewModel = kendo.observable {
        Cart : [],
        Items : [
          Id : "item/10",
          Name: "CD ROM"
          Id : "item/11",
          Name: "DVD ROM"

    So then I have a rough template binding...

    <script id="products-template" type="text/x-kendo-template">
        <li class="draggable">
            <div data-bind="text: Name"></div>

    Then this gets called up in a list...

    <div id="shopping-items-available">
        <ul data-template="products-template" data-bind="source: Items">

    Then there is a standard "drop target" (taken from the kendo docs)

    <div id="droptarget">Start dragging.</div>

    with the following CSS

    #droptarget {
         border: 1px solid #959595;
         height: 198px;
         width: 300px;
         font-size: 36px;
         border-radius: 37px;
         text-align: center;
         line-height: 198px;
         color: #a1a1a1;
         text-shadow: 0 1px 1px #fff;
         margin: 0 0 30px 220px;
         cursor: default;
         background: #dddddd;
         background: -moz-linear-gradient(top, #dddddd 0%, #c1c1c1 100%);
         background: -webkit-gradient(linear, left top, left bottom, color-stop(0%,#dddddd), color-stop(100%,#c1c1c1));
         background: -webkit-linear-gradient(top, #dddddd 0%,#c1c1c1 100%);
         background: -o-linear-gradient(top, #dddddd 0%,#c1c1c1 100%);
         background: -ms-linear-gradient(top, #dddddd 0%,#c1c1c1 100%);
         background: linear-gradient(top, #dddddd 0%,#c1c1c1 100%);

    Now in the javascript, I turn the `shopping-items-available` div into a `draggable`.

       hint: function (target) {
           return $(target).clone().addClass("draggable");
       filter: ".draggable"

    and lastly, I initialize the drop target.

       drop: droptargetOnDrop

    but in my code, I cannot seem to get the actual data about the item that was dropped.

    function droptargetOnDrop(e) {
       $("#droptarget").text("You did great!");

    So the question is, how can I get the data that should be part of this? Like the name, or the Id? 
  2. Petyo
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    Posted 12 Aug 2013 Link to this post

    Hello Ciel,

    You can persist the ID of the item as a data attribute of the draggable element, and later retrieve it using the jQuery data method. Something like: 

    <script id="products-template" type="text/x-kendo-template">
        <li class="draggable">
            <div data-bind="text: Name, attr: { dataItemID: ID }"></div>

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