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MVC Dropdownlist inside Kendo MVC grids only selects first value.

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Sanjeev asked on 30 Jul 2015, 06:27 PM

I have a grid which shows employee data and enable user to edit the data. When edit command is pressed, it displays dropdown list for one of the column(Name). The dropdown value gets displayed without any issue however when edit command is pressed, the existing value within the dropdown gets hidden and first value '- Select -....' get displayed.

P.S: i followed this tutorial to add dropdown in Kendo Grid:

Code Behind:

class EmployeeItem
public string Name{get; set;}
public string Code1{get;set;}

public string Code2{get;set;}‚Äč
public string CombinedValues{get;set;}  //this is combination of Name, Code1, Code2 delimited by comma



  Controller Code:

List<EmployeeItem> employeeList = service.GetEmployeeList();
ViewBag.EmployeeList = new SelectList(employeeList, "CombinedValues", "Name");


EditorTemplate Code (_EmployeeDropDown.cshtml):

      .OptionLabel("- Select - ")

View Code:
      .Columns(columns =>
        columns.Command(command => { command.Edit(); }).Width("180px").Title("Action");
        columns.Bound(e => e.Name).Width("210px").EditorTemplateName("_EmployeeDropDown")

So if the employeeList have values something like this:
Name = John, Code1 = 1, Code2 = 2, CombinedValues = John,1,2
Name = Matt, Code1 = 21, Code2 = 50, CombinedValues = Matt, 21, 50

In the grid, when i first view the grid it displays the Name, John in first row, Matt in second row. If i edit Matt row, the dropdown will show up with '-Select-' as selected value instead of 'Matt'. 
Does anyone know  how i can achieve that?
Also, once i make selection on dropdown, let's say from Matt to John, and hit inline Save button now the value changes to CombinedValues i.e. John,1,2 instead of just John under Name column.

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Georgi Krustev
Telerik team
answered on 04 Aug 2015, 11:45 AM
Hello Sanjeev,

In general, the name of the widget should be equal to the model field, which in this case is "Name". I would suggest you set the name of the widget correctly. I would suggest you review the "Editing custom editor" demo and more specifically the offline demos part of the UI for ASP.NET MVC bundle. Thus you can review and even debug the whole demo locally.

You can also check our list of MVC demos available in this Github repository:
Georgi Krustev
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Georgi Krustev
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