Multiselect.setDataSource() bug after upgrade to 2015.1.318

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  1. Scott
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    In previous the previous version of Kendo I was able to dynamically update the contents of a multiselect list by calling setDataSource with a modified list. After upgrading to 2015.1.318, doing so results in copies of the currently selected item(s) being added to the visible list. The actual selections returned from .value() is still correct, one of each, but what's being rendered is not.

    From what I can see in the source, a good bit of the multiselect implementation was redone with this release. I'm assuming this was not the intended behavior, but I was hoping there was maybe a workaround for now until the issue is resolved?
  2. Scott
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    Posted 18 Mar 2015 in reply to Scott Link to this post

    Seems silly, but reassigning the value after changing the datasource seems to be a viable workaround.

    function(e) {
        var ctrl = $("#multiselect").data('kendoMultiSelect');
        var data =;
    'Another Item');
    new{ data: data }));

  3. Peter
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    I appreciate the workaround! I was having a similar issue with the duplication and not being able to visually rid the input box of old elements. The workaround helped, but for some reason when I'd change my dataSource and call the workaround command, it would occasionally clear out everything, regardless of what was supposed to be in there. I got around this by adding a conditional in the multiSelectBox's change event and then running the workaround there.
  4. Georgi Krustev
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    Thank you for drawing our attention to this issue. I logged in our Github repository and will try to fix is for the next internal build scheduled for next week.

    As a gratitude for your involvement I updated your Telerik points.

    Georgi Krustev
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