multiple custom group footer template names

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    Posted 29 Aug 2016 Link to this post

    multiple custom group footer template names

    I have my grid.

    <div class="grid-scrollable">
        .Events(e => e.DataBound("dataBoundpath"))
        .Events(e => e.Save("onBhFormpathModelGridSave"))
        .Events(e => e.Edit("onBhFormpathModelGridEdit"))
        .Columns(columns =>
         columns.Bound(p => p.Id).Hidden(true);
         columns.Bound(p => p.ECId).Hidden(true);
         columns.Bound(p => p.ExpenseCategory).ClientFooterTemplate("Total Payment Requested")
         .ClientGroupFooterTemplate("Total Expenses").EditorTemplateName("Decimal").Format("{0:c}");
         columns.Group(g => g.Title("Current Month Expenses")
          .Columns(a =>
          a.Bound(c => c.ThisMonthPath).EditorTemplateName("Decimal").Format("{0:c}").ClientFooterTemplate("#=kendo.toString(sum,'C')#")
          a.Bound(c => c.ThisMonthMatch).EditorTemplateName("Decimal").Format("{0:c}").ClientFooterTemplate("#=kendo.toString(sum,'C')#")
         columns.Group(g => g.Title("Reduced Monthly Expenses")
          .Columns(a =>
          a.Bound(c => c.ReduceExpensesBy).EditorTemplateName("Decimal").Format("{0:c}").ClientFooterTemplate("#=kendo.toString(sum,'C')#")
          a.Bound(c => c.CurrentMonthExpensesSubmitted).EditorTemplateName("Decimal").Title("AdjustedPathAmount").Format("{0:c}").ClientFooterTemplate("#=kendo.toString(sum,'C')#")
         columns.Group(g => g.Title("Prior Month Expenses")
          .Columns(a =>
          a.Bound(c => c.PriorMonthMatch).Format("{0:c}").ClientFooterTemplate("#=kendo.toString(sum,'C')#")
          a.Bound(c => c.PriorMonthPath).Format("{0:c}").ClientFooterTemplate("#=kendo.toString(sum,'C')#")
         columns.Group(g => g.Title("Cumulative Expenses YTD")
          .Columns(a =>
          a.Bound(c => c.YtdMonthMatch).Format("{0:c}").ClientFooterTemplate("#=kendo.toString(sum,'C')#")
          a.Bound(c => c.YtdMonthPath).Format("{0:c}").ClientFooterTemplate("#=kendo.toString(sum,'C')#")
         columns.Command(command =>
          command.Edit().HtmlAttributes(new { @class = "btn-primary k-grid-edit" });
        .Editable(editable => editable.Mode(Kendo.Mvc.UI.GridEditMode.InLine))
        .Pageable(pageable => pageable.Refresh(true).PageSizes(true).ButtonCount(5))
        .Filterable(f => f.Operators(o => o.ForString(s => s.Clear()
         .DoesNotContain("Does not contain")
         .IsEqualTo("Is equal to")
         .IsNotEqualTo("Is not equal to")
         .StartsWith("Starts with")
         .EndsWith("Ends with "))))
        .Resizable(resize => resize.Columns(true))
        .DataSource(dataSource => dataSource.Ajax().PageSize(20).Model(model => model.Id(p => p.ECId)).Model(model => model.Field(p => p.TotalProirExpensesBilled).Editable(false)).Model(model => model.Field(p => p.CurrentMonthExpensesSubmitted).Editable(false)).Model(model => model.Field(p => p.TotalExpensesYtd).Editable(false)).Model(model => model.Field(p => p.ExpenseCategory).Editable(false))
        .Model(model => model.Field(p => p.PriorMonthMatch).Editable(false)).Model(model => model.Field(p => p.PriorMonthPath).Editable(false)).Model(model => model.Field(p => p.YtdMonthMatch).Editable(false)).Model(model => model.Field(p => p.YtdMonthPath).Editable(false))
        .Aggregates(aggregates =>
         aggregates.Add(p => p.ThisMonthMatch).Sum();
         aggregates.Add(p => p.ThisMonthPath).Sum();
         aggregates.Add(p => p.PriorMonthMatch).Sum();
         aggregates.Add(p => p.PriorMonthPath).Sum();
         aggregates.Add(p => p.YtdMonthMatch).Sum();
         aggregates.Add(p => p.YtdMonthPath).Sum();
         aggregates.Add(p => p.ReduceExpensesBy).Sum();
         aggregates.Add(p => p.CurrentMonthExpensesSubmitted).Sum();
        .Update(update => update.Action("EditBHFormRR", "ReimbursementRequestProvider").Data("additionalInfoPath"))
        .Events(events => events.Error("errorpath"))
        .Group(groups => groups.Add(p => p.ExpenseTypeId))
        .Read(read => read.Action("BHFromExpenseGridRead", "ReimbursementRequestProvider", new { bhFormName = Model.BHFormsName, reimbursementEbsId = Model.ReimbursementEbsId, prrId = Model.PrrId, rrState = @ViewBag.RRStateRequest, serviceMonth = Model.ServiceMonth }))


    my requirement is
    change group client footer of group 1 to "Total Payment Requested" instead of "Total Expenses"
    change group client footer of group 2 to "Total Match Claimed" instead of "Total Expenses"
    TOTAL OF TOTAL AS "Total Billing Submitted" instead of "Total Payment Requested"


    the issue is I have name the group client footer on custom basis.

    example group 1 sum footer name should be something different than group 2 sum footer name.


    can any one help me on this please?

  2. Eyup
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    Posted 01 Sep 2016 Link to this post

    Hello Bajivali,

    I've already replied to your other thread with ID: 1059359. I suggest that we continue our conversation on the mentioned thread.

    Also, please note that the CodeLibrary section is suitable for working projects provided by our community. For technical questions, please open a Forum post or formal Support thread.

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  3. Narendra
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    Posted 13 Oct 2017 Link to this post

    hi Eyup, 

    I have the same requirement. Can you please provide the solution here. 



  4. Stefan
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    Posted 18 Oct 2017 Link to this post

    Hello, Narendra,

    The provided answer by Eyup suggested checking the following resources as the built-in groupFooterTemplate keeps the calculated aggregates instead of the individual values:

    If additional assistance is needed, please let us know and we will gladly assist.

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