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    I'm trying to bind a multi dimensional data object to a kendo grid and am not having any success. My data looks something like this:

      "SalesSummary": {
          "ProNetSales": {
            "SubHeader": "Proj Net Sales",
            "Monday": 2800.00,
            "Tuesday": 3450.00,
            "Wednesday": 3100.00,
            "Thursday": 0,
            "Friday": 0,
            "Saturday": 0,
            "Sunday": 0,
            "WTD": 9350.00,
            "PTD": 54470.00
          "ActualNetSales": {
            "SubHeader": "Actual Net Sales",
            "Monday": 2983.19,
            "Tuesday": 3728.17,
            "Wednesday": 3783.34,
            "Thursday": 0,
            "Friday": 0,
            "Saturday": 0,
            "Sunday": 0,
            "WTD": 10494.70,
            "PTD": 58022.00
    "Transactions": {
          "Proj": {
            "SubHeader": "Proj",
            "Monday": 225.00,
            "Tuesday": 350.00,
            "Wednesday": 270.00,
            "Thursday": 0,
            "Friday": 0,
            "Saturday": 0,
            "Sunday": 0,
            "WTD": 845.00,
            "PTD": 4644.00
          "Actual": {
            "SubHeader": "Actual",
            "Monday": 263.00,
            "Tuesday": 365.00,
            "Wednesday": 289.00,
            "Thursday": 0,
            "Friday": 0,
            "Saturday": 0,
            "Sunday": 0,
            "WTD": 917.00,
            "PTD": 4827.00

    So there are multiple dimensions with "SalesSummary" and "Transactions" as the top level dimension each having their own sub dimensions, each of which have the last layer which would be the row data that I'm trying to display. The reason I have the data structured this way is I actually need to display it on the page grouped by top level dimension, so "SalesSummary" then by the sub dimension within each top level. Is there a way to define a schema model to handle this when binding to a kendo grid? Or should I even be using a grid to display this type of data?

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  2. Alex Hajigeorgieva
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    Hello Mike,

    If I understand your requirement correctly, I believe you may achieve it with the Kendo UI Grid.

    It seems that you need 2 main columns (column headers) with four columns altogether:

               SalesSummary      | Transactions
    proNetSales | actualNetSales    | Proj | Actual

    For a demo on multi-column headers, please visit:

    It looks like the dataItem already holds any aggregates that you may need, so if you would like to access them, you can do that with the use of a columns template: 

    I hope this helps to get you started.

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