Moving meeting with more attendees goes wrong

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  1. André
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    I have a meeting with two attendees (or more).


    Moving this meeting on the timeline of one of the two attendees, also the second one is moved. This works correct, but ........ Moving this meeting from the first attendee to another, new attendee, makes the second one disappear. This happens also in the demo delivered by Kendo.


    The move event (also the edit event) only gives the meetingID and the newAttendeeID. To solves this problem I also needs the originalAttendeeID to know which one is moved. 


    Did anyone experience this? Did you find a solution?

    Please share.






  2. Tyler
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    Posted 01 Feb 2018 in reply to André Link to this post

    This Dojo I believe is what you are kind of after?

    In the moveEnd I update the start, end, and resource of the event, then sync the dataSource and it does an update for me of any events that were modified.

    This lets you move the event along the timeline just fine, all the events associated with it move with it. It also lets you change from one resource to another, and all associated events will follow.

    This does NOT provide a way to just move an event into another invitee. You may want to think carefully about doing that and determine if that is the behavior you really want, and how best to implement it. Because if I move an event to a new invitee, do they just get added to it? Do they become the owner? Does another invitee get removed? 


    If you only have resources to worry about, and not resources + invitees like in the demo in my dojo, then it is easier. But my example shows how to update events with invitees along the timeline and allow moving them between resources and have all their associated events follow.

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