More than 20 (25) waypoints.

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    Hi there,


    I have read that it should be possible to add 'Viawaypoints' in combination in normal 'Waypoints'.

    I however cannot find a c# method other than  'reqRoute.Waypoints.Add(l_sWaypoint);'

    What is the right manner to have more than 25 waypoints in my route?


    Kind regards,


  2. Dess
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    Hello Victor, 

    Thank you for writing.  

    Currently, RadMap doesn't support ViaWaypoints. However, it is a reasonable request. I have logged it in our feedback portal and I have added a vote for it on your behalf. You can track its progress, subscribe for status changes and add your comments on the following link - feedback item.

    I have also updated your Telerik points.

    Currently, the possible solution that I can suggest is to create a custom BingRestMapProvider and override its BuildRoutingRequestUri method where you can add the ViaWaypoints. Here is demonstrated a sample approach:

    public class CustomBingRestMapProvider : BingRestMapProvider
        protected override Uri BuildRoutingRequestUri(RouteRequest request)
            List<string> waypoints = new List<string>();
            foreach (string str in request.Waypoints)
            Uri result = base.BuildRoutingRequestUri(request);
            StringBuilder path = new StringBuilder();
            for (int i = 0; i < waypoints.Count; i++)
                if (waypoints[i].StartsWith("#VIA#"))
                    path.Append("&vwp." + i + "=" + Uri.EscapeDataString(waypoints[i].Substring(5)));
                    path.Append("&wp." + i + "=" + Uri.EscapeDataString(waypoints[i]));
            string uri = result.AbsoluteUri;
            uri = uri.Insert(uri.IndexOf('?') + 1, path.ToString() + "&");
            return new Uri(uri);
    public void RunRouteRequest()
        //add a layer to display the route
        this.radMap1.MapElement.Layers.Add(new MapLayer());
        RouteRequest request = new RouteRequest();
        request.DistanceUnit = DistanceUnit.Kilometer;
        request.Options.Mode = TravelMode.Driving;
        request.Options.Optimization = RouteOptimization.Time;
        request.Options.RouteAttributes = RouteAttributes.RoutePath;
        request.Options.RouteAvoidance = RouteAvoidance.None;
        request.Waypoints.Add("Paris, France");
        request.Waypoints.Add("#VIA#Madrid, Spain");
        request.Waypoints.Add("Vienne, Austria");
        BingRestMapProvider bingProvider = this.radMap1.Providers[0] as BingRestMapProvider;
        bingProvider.CalculateRouteCompleted += BingProvider_RoutingCompleted;

    I hope this information helps. Should you have further questions I would be glad to help.

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