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More problems, this time with GridView

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DukeVideo asked on 06 Nov 2007, 09:27 AM

I am finding many problems using the WinForms controls. RadRibbonBar doesn't select ribbons, let alone cntextual groups, the designer interface is very poor - I have to hack around in InitialiseComponent myself and now I find the GridView control to be equally poor.

I have the following code:

radGridView.AutoSize=true; // 1

radGridView.EnableGrouping=true; // 2

radGridView.EnableHotTracking=false; // 3


radGridView.ReadOnly=true; // 4

radGridView.ShowGroupPanel=true; // 2


I would expect this to:

* Show the grouping box (2)
* Disable editing of items and hide the new item row (4)
* Columns to be autosized to fit (1)
* Hot Tracking to be turned off (3)

I get none of these. Your documentation is also next to useless, being out of date and without the necassary information. If it is there, then I can't find it. Components are supposed to be easy to use, drag and drop so developers can get on with the job in hand. Your excellent radControls for ASP.NET are just not making the transition.
Please can you give me some guidance so I can get my work done.

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Telerik team
answered on 08 Nov 2007, 02:01 PM
Hi DukeVideo,

I have replied to your concerns in your support ticket. I am pasting my answers here for your reference:

  1. Show/hide grouping panel
    This should work properly with your code:
    The grouping panel appears as a small area just above the column headers.
  2. Disable editing and hiding the new row
    Setting RadGridView.ReadOnly to true disables editing. However, to hide the new row you should set GridViewTemplate.AllowAddNewRow to false. For example, if your grid does not have hierarchical structure, you could add the following line:
    radGridView1.MasterGridViewTemplate.AllowAddNewRow = false;
  3. To set columns to fill the whole area you should set GridViewTemplate.AutoSIzeColumnsMode to Fill, rather than radGridView.AutoSize=true;.
  4. Turning off the hot tracking feature
    Unfortunately, this is hardcoded in the theme. The EnableHotTracking property is still pending for implementation and will be introduced in the next version of our controls. To resolve the problem you could change the theme by removing the mouse over state from the row element.

Indeed, our documentation of the RadGridView is still in unfinished state. This is a major shortcoming for our customers, and we have taken action to improve it significantly for the Q3 release. The first steps have been taken for full documentation revamp for the most utilized controls. The current version of the docs have already been completely reviewed, old and impractical topics have been thrown out, the Table of Contents has been rethought, and work has started on a brand new version of the documentation including API reference revision and update. In addition to the basic topics that you find in the current version, we will have more dedicated sections, such as Troubleshooting and  Common Scenarios, Getting Started, Working in Design-time, Data-binding, Styling and Appearance, etc. The advanced topics will feature working with TPF, creating custom controls, as well as fundamentals on the RadControls internal structure.

We want to be more transparent in our work, so we have started posting weekly builds of the documentation. If you have time, please review the latest versions and share your feedback. It is of great importance to us and will be very appreciated.


the Telerik team

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