Misalignment of my RabbonBarButtonGroup

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    Hi Alain,

    Thank you for your post.

    Having in mind the attached screenshot, I assume you are having questions about the StretchVertically and Alignment properties of RadRibbonBarButtonGroup. Let me explain in details how each of them functions:

    1. I have set up a RadRibbonBar group with two RadRibbonBarButtonGroup (see RadRibbonBarInitialState.png). The first one contains two buttons and its Orientation is horizontal. The second group has a single DropDownList and its Orientation is vertical.

    2. If I set the StretchVertically property to true, the group will extend its area to fill the whole available area (see ButtonGroupStretchedVertically.png). Setting this property to false forces the group wrap around its containing controls.

    3. The StretchedVertically property is set to false and the Alignment property is set to MiddleLeft. In this case the RadRibbonBarButtonGroup will be positioned in the middle of the available area of the RibbonBarGroup that holds it (see ButtonGroupAlignment.png). Please note that because the RibbonBarGroup is with horizontal orientation, the RadRibbonBarButtonGroup will be arranged only vertically. If the RibbonBarGroup is with vertical orientation, the horizontal part of the Alignment will be taken by the layout. 

    4. Having in mind the above, it is easy to explain the layout when the two properties are set to true (see BothProperties.png). The group fits to the available size and therefore the applied alignment settings are not visible.

    I hope my answer thoroughly explains the function of the two properties. In case I have misunderstood your implied question, feel free to write back. I will be glad to assist you.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team
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