Map control, OSM, and tile rendering issue

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Charlie asked on 27 May 2021, 07:31 PM
I've been attempting to implement the Kendo UI (for jQuery) map control. Tiles are not rendered from either OpenStreetMap or VirtualEarth (the Bing option). I've tried both. First with my own logic, and then by copying and pasting your own example code ( into my page. If I use developer tools, I can see that the .png tiles are indeed downloaded, but they aren't rendered in the browser. I've attached a screencap of your page example rendered and what the same code renders locally.

I came across this post ( and though it pertains to WinForms and WPF, thought it likely that the issue in the Kendo UI library maybe related.

I've tried both http and https as well as localhost environment and a public web server to no avail. The version I'm running is 2020.2.513. I lean towards thinking it's something that's been corrected but not in the version we're running.

I'd appreciate any insight you can offer or ideas!
Georgi Denchev
Telerik team
commented on 01 Jun 2021, 08:48 AM

Hello, Charlie,

I tested the code from the JQuery Demo both locally and in Dojo using v2020.2.513, however in both cases the tiles loaded correctly. Are there any errors in the Browser Console?


The same code was ran from a local html file and the result was the same.

Is there any chance you could set up a Dojo or attach a sample project where the issue is reproduced so we can examine it?

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