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    Not a major issue. I'm using the 2012-2 version.

    I was doing some proxy debugging using Fiddler. When then proxy was requiring authentication, RadMap was not working (now fixed). However, this caused the map to constantly request tiles; it never stops. I saw the same behavior when disabling the network connection. Is there something I can do to change this, either in my code or the RadMap source code? There will be occasions when our software when not have an available network connection.

    On a related note, it seems to always request the same tile from the same server. Would it make more sense to request the tile from a random server? For example OSM has the "a,b,c,d" servers. If it can't connect to one, it should try another (ie, call GetTile again).

    EDIT - Similar problem, maybe the same. How can I forceably stop a provider? When I am done with a particular screen, I don't dispose the form, I simply hide it and clear the data. However, the nonstop tile requests are still going on. I've tried removing the Provider, clearing the MapSources, setting the MapSource to Nothing, but it just keeps on trying to download the tiles.
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    Hello Jason,

    We redesigned the core of RadMap (WPF implementation of the MultiScaleImage and MultiScaleTileSource which perform downloading and showing tiles) in the 2012.Q3 release. With this version it should stop reloading tiles when the map provider is unloaded. For example when you change the OSM provider to the Empty provider then RadMap stops downloading tiles from OSM. Also it should stop downloading when you unload the control which contains RadMap. So, I would recommend using the latest version of RadMap.

    The OpenStreet map provider works as designed. It randomizes URL of the tile when new tile is requested. But currently the engine does not call GetTile also in case when the downloading of a tile is failed. This feature is not in our plans for Q2 2013 and I am afraid no certain time frame can be given at the moment.

    Kind regards,
    Andrey Murzov
    the Telerik team

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