Manually Move a draggable item using Jquery without breaking the draggable object

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    Hey there, making a dashboard with draggable widgets.  There are specific drop zones on each page to keep it organized.  Only 1 widget is allowed into a drop zone at a time, so if someone drags a widget onto another one, the widget that is already in the drop zone needs moved to an open drop zone.  I have this functionality working with some custom code, but for whatever reason the draggable object loses its dragginess after I manually move it.  I'm guessing this is expected behavior because KendoUI doesn't know I move it.


    - Ok I solved my Issue, by resetting my draggable objects after each drop.  But I wanted to still post the question to make sure that this is how it is supposed to be done, and I'm not just missing a built in way to do this?

    for reference, in my onDrop method (simplified) I do this:

    // save drop target data to move manually
    var html = e.dropTarget.clone();
    //find an available empty drop zone to place it....
    //Drop in my draggable item i was dragging
    // refresh all draggables because now both draggable items don't work
    // my create draggable items function
        function CreateDraggableWidgets() {
            //create draggable items within the container
                filter: ".drag-handle",
                hint: function (element) {
                    var width = element.parent().width();
                    var hint = element.closest(".draggable-item").clone();
                    hint.css("width", width);
                    return hint;
                cursorOffset: { top: 7, left: 2 }





  2. Daniel
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    The clone method will not preserve correctly the widget(even with copied data and events). You should move the actual element which unless I am mistaken about the setup(draggable and droptarget are different elements) should be the dropTarget child e.g.
    var html = e.dropTarget.children();

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