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Looping through controls
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John asked on 19 Aug 2019, 10:15 AM

The below code works in a Tererik report

                    Me.txt001.Value = drw("int001")
                    Me.txt002.Value = drw("int002")
                    Me.txt003.Value = drw("int003")

where drw is a DataRow

I have around 600 controls on a report and need to be able to loop through the various textboxes.

The following works in a Visual Studio Form but not in a Telerik report

                    For intCounter As Integer = 1 To 3
                        Me.Controls("txt00" & CStr(intCounter)).Text = drw("int00" & CStr(intCounter)).ToString

It does not like Me.Controls("txt00" & CStr(intCounter)).Text

Any ideas, otherwise I would have to painstakingly refer to all controls by name.







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Eric R | Senior Technical Support Engineer
Telerik team
answered on 21 Aug 2019, 03:14 PM
Hi John,

The Telerik.Reporting.Report namespace contains a collection of read-only Items that can be looped through. See the Access Items for Calling Application documentation for more details. For example, one way to output the name of each item would be as follows.

Dim instanceReportSource As Telerik.Reporting.InstanceReportSource = DirectCast(Me.ReportViewer1.ReportSource, Telerik.Reporting.InstanceReportSource)
Dim report As Telerik.Reporting.Report = DirectCast(instanceReportSource.ReportDocument, Telerik.Reporting.Report)
For Each item In report.Items

Please let me know if you need any additional information. Thank you for using the Reporting Forums.


Eric R | Technical Support Engineer
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Eric R | Senior Technical Support Engineer
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