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Lock a column on the pop up grid

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Michael Epley
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Michael Epley asked on 17 Nov 2015, 07:52 PM


I have a kendo gird which is shown in a popup on click of link button in another grid(parent grid)

 $(".styleColorsLink").on('click', function () {

                var grid =;
                var dataItem = grid.dataItem($(this).closest('tr'));
                var selectedSeason = dataItem["Season"];
                selectedStyle = dataItem["StyleNumber"];
                var selectedStyleDesc = dataItem["StyleDescription"];
                var selectedMAPPrice = dataItem["MAPPrice"];
                var selectedMAPDiscPercent = dataItem["MAPDiscPercent"];
                var selectedExceptionWeekParticipant = dataItem["ExceptionWeekParticipant"];
                var selectedExceptionWeekMAPPrice = dataItem["ExceptionWeekMAPPrice"];
                var selectedMAPLTMSRP = dataItem["MAPLessThanMSRP"];
                var selectedHide = dataItem["Hide"];
                var selectedConfidential = dataItem["Confidential"];
                var selectedCarryForward = dataItem["CarryForward"];
                var initialize = false;
                var selectedDS = '@viewType';
                var isItemDirty = dataItem.dirty;
                var dirtyFields = dataItem.dirtyFields;
                    toolbar:hasUpdatePermission ? [
                        { name: "save", text: "Save Changes" },
                        { name: "cancel", text: "Cancel Changes" }]: "",
                    editable: "incell",
                    autoBind: true, // load data during grid initialization
                    scrollable: true,
                    //resizable: true,
                    //reorderable: true,
                    navigatable: true,
                    columns: hasUpdatePermission ? ColorColumnOptions : ColorNonEditColumnOptions,
                    height: 420


// Column i need to lock in pop up kendo grid 

 var CarryForwardSeaColorCol = {

    title: "Carryforward Season",
    field: "CarryforwardSeason",
    width: 130,
    //Vipul Chnage
    locked: true,
    lockable: false,
    filterable: filterableContain

var ColorLevelCodeCol = {
    title: "Product Code",
    field: "ProductCode",
    width: 130,
    filterable: filterableContain,
    //template: "<span>#=StyleNumber#-#=ColorCode#</span>"


//defination of all columns
var ColorColumnOptions = [CarryForwardSeaColorCol, ColorLevelCodeCol, ColorLevelDescCol, ColorLevelLongDescCol,
    MSRPLastChangeCol, MSRPPriorCol, MSRPCurrentCol, ConfirmMSRPCol, MAPLastChangeCol, MAPPriceCol, MAPDiscountCol, ExceptionParCol, ExceptionWeekPriceCol,
    ExceptionWeekDiscountCol, MAPLTMSRPCol, HideCol, AddCol, ConfidentialCol, CarryforwardCol, NotesCol, ConfirmMMXAddCol];

When i do this CarryForwardSeaColorCol and ColorLevelCodeCol header show in same column.


Appreicate any help. Thanks

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Nikolay Rusev
Telerik team
answered on 19 Nov 2015, 09:31 AM

Hello Michael Epley,


We are not aware of such behavior. Could you create a isolated runnable example where we can observe this? Thus we'll be able to debug it locally and assist you further.


Nikolay Rusev
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Michael Epley
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Nikolay Rusev
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