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LoadFromXML YAxis does not display

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Chart (obsolete as of Q1 2013)
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Felipe asked on 11 Jul 2011, 04:27 PM
I'm trying to use "LoadFromXML" on RadChart with the following xml, but the XValue displays as 0, 1, 2... What am I missing?

          <RadChart DefaultType="Bar">
              <ChartSeries Type="Bar" Name="Fluxo de Caixa">
                  <ChartSeriesItem XValue="11/07/2011" YValue="64720.21"/>
                  <ChartSeriesItem XValue="15/07/2011" YValue="1916.23"/>
                  <ChartSeriesItem XValue="15/07/2011" YValue="9760.40"/>
                  <ChartSeriesItem XValue="15/07/2011" YValue="11900.57"/>
                  <ChartSeriesItem XValue="15/07/2011" YValue="14216.00"/>
                  <ChartSeriesItem XValue="20/07/2011" YValue="6006.40"/>
                  <ChartSeriesItem XValue="20/07/2011" YValue="7697.82"/>
                  <ChartSeriesItem XValue="20/07/2011" YValue="10511.20"/>
                  <ChartSeriesItem XValue="20/07/2011" YValue="11262.00"/>
                  <ChartSeriesItem XValue="20/07/2011" YValue="22524.00"/>
                  <ChartSeriesItem XValue="21/07/2011" YValue="7122.81"/>
                  <ChartSeriesItem XValue="25/07/2011" YValue="13327.50"/>
                  <ChartSeriesItem XValue="21/08/2011" YValue="7122.81"/>
                  <ChartSeriesItem XValue="21/09/2011" YValue="7122.81"/>
                  <ChartSeriesItem XValue="21/10/2011" YValue="7122.80"/>

Best regards!

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Telerik team
answered on 14 Jul 2011, 10:05 AM
Hello Felipe,

We have addressed your inquiry in the support ticket you've opened. Please, find our answer there.

All the best,
the Telerik team

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Chart (obsolete as of Q1 2013)
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